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The FIA alerted the UK’s National Crime Agency to begin an investigation into TikToker Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has submitted an official letter to the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom in connection with an investigation into TikToker Hareem Shah for potential money laundering.

The FIA has informed the British NCA about Shah’s travel and personal identification details, according to a letter.

In the viral video Shah claims to have travelled with a huge amount of British pounds was filmed in the UK, according to the letter.

The follow-up video, in which Shah disputes allegations of’money laundering’ and dismisses the prior video as a ‘joke,’ was also shot in the UK at the Sky Marketing offices, according to the report.

A man named Danial Malik also claimed that the money was ‘legitimate’ in the aforementioned video.

In its letter, the FIA asked the NCA to open an investigation into both Shah and Malik and to keep them informed of the findings.

Shah is said to have flown from Karachi to Doha before arriving at Heathrow Airport in London this week.


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