Jodie Weston and beauty treatments

Jodie Weston and beauty treatments

Jodie Weston and beauty treatments

Jodie Weston, a reality TV veteran, may appear to be living the life on social media, but it turns out that she’s been hiding a lot of anguish behind closed doors after years of horrific trolling.

The 28-year-old DJ and influencer has 133,000 Instagram followers, but has been subjected to horrible harassment and feels under constant pressure to ‘keep up appearances.’

Jodie is most known for her appearance on Rich Kids Go Skint, but she has also been on Fired by Mum and Dad, Love Squad, Eating with My Ex, and 100 Percent Hotter.

However, as Jodie explained to Fabulous, starring on these shows has its drawbacks. “When I started going on reality TV, that’s when I started getting trolled.” People were watching television and mistaking it for real life.”

Jodie turned to non-invasive therapies to boost her confidence as a result of the constant teasing. She said that she had spent over £20,000 on operations such as body sculpting, laser lipo, non-surgical BBL, fat freezing, lip fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments, LED therapy, laser hair removal, and monthly spray tans.


Jodie has disclosed that she spends over £16,000 each year on her cosmetic routine. It costs more than her rent and groceries combined, at £1,360 per month.

“I hadn’t had any fillers when I filmed Rich Kids Go Skint,” Jodie continued. I was very natural and myself. Receiving remarks about my looks stung, so I began researching non-invasive treatments.

“There have been moments in my life when I’ve pondered having surgery just because of how trolls make me feel.” Perhaps I am a little self-conscious. However, because it is someone picking up on your concerns, it brings things to light more and throws a brighter focus on them.

“Once you get started, you do one thing after another.” It was becoming extremely tense.

“Obviously, filler can cause issues. My first visit to a salon felt like I was on a conveyor line. It was a one-size-fits-all solution. They turned incredibly lumpy, so I had it again after that, but I didn’t go back to those folks.

“After that, I concentrated my efforts on teeth whitening.” I was using these whitening strips for over a year. They are only supposed to be used for 10 days, but I used them every day. My teeth ended up resembling Tipp-Ex.


“I got a non-surgical BBL and was working hard on body sculpting and fat freezing, but it was excruciatingly uncomfortable.” Even if it isn’t surgical, it takes a toll on your body. It was agonising. It was horrible, I couldn’t move for two days.”

But Jodie isn’t the only one who wishes to change her look. According to a January 2022 poll commissioned by The Harley Medical Group, 46 percent of women have pondered cosmetic surgery to improve their physical appearance, women are twice as likely as men to be unhappy with how they look, and 48 percent of women are self-conscious about their looks.

“Just though I didn’t go ‘under the knife,’ I was still in a lot of agony,” Jodie noted. You have no idea what these substances are doing to your body. And it was something I was provided for free as part of a cooperation. Normally, I conduct research, but because it was free, I assumed it would be good, but it was agonising. I wish I hadn’t gone. That is something I deeply regret.

“I’ve been given a free trip to Turkey for surgery.” Even yesterday, I received a mail advertising free fillers.”

Jodie said that she became a target for trolls in 2015, when she began her reality TV experience on Fired by Mum & Dad at the age of 22. Things went from bad to worse in 2018, when she featured on Rich Kids Go Skint.

Jodie participated on the show in which spoiled privileged youngsters give up their opulent lifestyles to live on the streets. Trolls attacked Jodie when she stated the single mother on benefits she was forced to live with for a week had a string of “poor decisions” to blame for her cash-strapped situation.


“It was a pretty intriguing experience, but it was my first batch of trolling,” she added. Rich Kids Go Skin was a horrible episode since it was highly contentious. I had an argument with the girl I was with. That earned me a lot of scepticism. People said things like “I’m a pampered brat” and “talentless” about my demeanour.

“This prompted comments about how I appeared. I’ve been subjected to a slew of insults. I’m constantly at odds with myself since I can’t please everyone. People will rip you apart for all you are. It does, I believe, get to you after years and years of it. “I’m facing an uphill struggle.”

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