PM Imran says will never let any conspiracy against Pakistan be successful

PM Imran says will never let any conspiracy against Pakistan be successful

PM Imran says will never let any conspiracy against Pakistan be successful

Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses the nation on Thursday. Screengrab/ Bol News


Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he would never let any conspiracy against Pakistan be successful.

The prime minister said this while addressing the nation amid the political developments on the no-confidence motion and the National Security Committee (NSC) meeting on the threat letter to the federal government on Thursday.

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He said that he would not resign whatever consequences occur, adding that now the nation would decide about it. After two days, the vote on no-confidence would be held, so the nation should see who had sold out his loyalty for money and vested interests.

He asked why he should resign, he would fight till the last ball.


He told the nation about the “threat letter” in which the foreign country’s official expressed his displeasure over Prime Minister Imran Khan’s foreign policy and particularly the visit to Russia.

He maintained that the foreign country’s official told the Pakistani diplomat that if the forthcoming no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition succeeded against  Prime Minister Imran Khan so the situation would be better for Pakistan. If the motion failed so the consequences would be dangerous for Pakistan.

The United States, he said in a “slip of the tongue” and then moved on and stated that “a foreign country” had sent a “threatening memo” which was against the Pakistani nation.

PM Imran Khan said the memo was against him, not against the government.

The premier stated that it was an “official letter” that was communicated to Pakistan’s ambassador, who was taking notes during the meeting.

The premier said he had not revealed all the text mentioned in the letter but noted that there “were other horrifying” details in it.


PM Imran Khan said the envoy was told that if Imran Khan remains in power, Pakistan would face “difficulties”.

“Is this our standing? We are a strong nation of 220 million,” the premier asked the nation. PM Imran Khan said the letter does not mention any reason and only wanted his ouster.

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“…our ambassador told the foreign official that the prime minister had visited Russia after delibrations with [the country’s top brass]. But the foreign official stated that no, it was just Imran Khan’s decision,” the premier revealed.

PM Imran Khan said the foreign official knew that the ones who would come into power after him would have no issues taking orders from external forces.

Mr. Khan linked the no-trust motion against him with the international conspiracy, adding that these three stooges –  Shehbaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari and Fazlur Rehman – were involved in this conspiracy. They are their blue-eyed boys and favorite as they fulfill their agenda, he added.


“But what is most disturbing is that our people, who are sitting here, are in contact with foreign powers,” he said,

The prime minister said whatever result of no-confidence motion would be, he would be much stronger.

He said that he came into politics to make Pakistan a welfare state in the world, adding that he wanted to gain four targets for this purpose including establishing a justice system, in which the rich and the poor will equally be dealt.

He said that he would not let Pakistan and Pakistanis become slaves to any country.

He recalled the events during and after the Afghanistan war and its effects on Pakistan and its economy and society.

PM Imran Khan said that despite Pakistan’s participation and sacrifices it made for the United States’ “war on terror”, Islamabad never received appreciation.


The premier noted that when the country’s northern areas were bombarded by US drones, he was the “only politician” who staged sit-ins against it.

“None of the senior politicians raised their voice against it as they were afraid that it might draw United States’ ire.

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PM Imran Khan said Pakistanis suffered due to the “war on terror”. Therefore, the premier said when he came into power, he aspired for an independent foreign policy.

“…our policy was not anti-US, -Europe, or even India it became anti-Indian after New Delhi revoked the special status of Kashmir and broke international law in August 2019,” the premier said.

He added that when he came to power, he decided to adopt an independent foreign policy.

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