Texas student bitten by a dog

Texas student bitten by a dog

Texas student bitten by a dog

After two dogs she was hired to care for bit her 800 times, a Texas student claims she wasn’t sure her boyfriend would want to stay with her afterward.

After she was assaulted two days before Christmas last year, Jacqueline Durand, 22, claimed she immediately worried her injuries would terminate her relationship with boyfriend Nathan, 24, but he swore to stay with her.

Durand said on an Instagram livestream with a News channel correspondent David Begnaud on Wednesday: ‘I think (the assault) has brought us even closer.’

I had my doubts that he would stay with me. I questioned him directly, “Do you still wish to accompany me? “I’ve changed for the better,” he remarked, adding, “I wouldn’t want to be anyplace else.””


‘I know there’s no reason not to trust him since he tells it how it is.’ Durand said that she met Nathan while working at her local PetCo in Coppell, a Dallas suburb. She left because she despised dealing with insects and rats, but Nathan requested for her phone number on their final shift together.

When she stayed with him through a cancer diagnosis and effective treatment, which ended just before she was bitten, their connection was solidified.

Durand’s boyfriend Nathan, 24, told a News channel during a programme that aired on Wednesday morning that he was sticking by her.

‘I’m really thankful that I got the chance to express the same degree of love and care that Mom did for me at that time,’ he added.

‘I’m delighted I have the opportunity.’


And I’m grateful for the opportunity to be there for her.’ Nathan said he’d recently beaten cancer and was affected by Durand’s support, so he now wanted to help her go through the arduous reconstructive surgery she’ll have to go through.

Durand also expressed her displeasure that the dog’s owners, Dr. Justin Bishop and his wife Ashley, had not contacted her since a large of of her face had been torn off during Wednesday’s webcast.

‘I was hoping to hear from them,’ she explained. It simply kills my heart that they haven’t reached out to me.’

Durand had been recruited to dog sit for the couple and had gone to see the animals for a meet-and-greet before agreeing to do so. During that time, the animals looked to be well-behaved.

She claims the Bishops assured her the animals would be in their crates when she arrived, but that they texted her on the day of the reservation to inform her that the animals were loose in the house. Durand was attacked the instant she allowed herself in, and she is now suing the Bishops for $1 million, despite the fact that they have not been charged criminally.


Durand’s father, John, also expressed his displeasure with the Bishops throughout the broadcast, claiming that the agony inflicted on his daughter should have been avoided.

Durrand said in her interview on Wednesday that she would have reconstructive surgery on her nose next week, followed by operations on her eyes. She claims she can undergo surgery as often as the requisite recuperation times allow, and she is optimistic that the procedures will help her regain her beauty.

Durrand was asked if she’d contemplate a face transplant, but she replied her skin grafts had gone well and she didn’t think she’d need one.

She also mentioned attending a doctor and a therapist to help her cope with the emotional suffering brought on by her injuries.



Durand, a supply chain management student at the University of Texas in Dallas, encountered the dogs in the days leading up to the assault and characterised them as “adorable.”

They attacked and assaulted her as soon as Durand entered the house on December 23, leaving 800 bite marks behind.

Durand’s ears, nose, and face were torn off by the dogs, leaving nothing but bone behind, and she lost 30% of her blood, putting her in the ICU for 60 days.

She is scheduled for many operations and is undergoing rigorous physical therapy, which includes stretching her mouth by 1mm at a time so she can eat.

‘When I felt the skin hanging from my face, I thought I was going to die,’ she claimed in an interview with a news channel.


Durand was unable to phone for assistance during the incident, but 911 was notified because the front door was left open when the dogs pounced, setting an alarm.

Because the dogs were so vicious when first responders came, they couldn’t enter the house for 37 minutes.

‘We were only able to view Jacqueline Durand’s legs and were not immediately aware of the degree of her injuries,’ a spokesman told News agency.

Durand said she is ready for the world to see her face, despite the horrendous attacks and several reconstructive operations she has had.

‘It’s time to show who I am now, and I can’t be scared of it,’ she stated.



Here are some additional photos of the house where the incident occurred:


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