A Stanford professor calls the cops; find out why?

A Stanford professor calls the cops; find out why?

A Stanford professor calls the cops; find out why?

“Professor Karen” is a Stanford University professor who reportedly intimidated a black professor who exposed her $5,000-per-hour consultancy price.

This week, Stanford professor Jo Boaler and Jelani Nelson, an African-American student at Berkeley, engaged in a tense exchange on Twitter that sparked claims of racial discrimination and harassment.

The public spat between Nelson and Boaler has its roots in a divisive dispute over how math should be taught to K-12 pupils in California.

Algebra 1 has been pushed back to 9th grade and social justice themes have been applied to courses as part of California’s continuous attempt to reform its math curriculum.

Pupils’ union leader Nelson said that the planned reforms will leave students ill-prepared for college.


On March 31, Nelson shared a document on Twitter that indicated Boaler had been paid $5,000 per hour — totalling $40,000 — to advise with Oxnard School District math instructors.

Boaler contacted Nelson an email after his tweet referenced calling the police, and Nelson, who is black, shared a screenshot of the email with his Twitter followers on Tuesday.
I wanted to let you know that the information about me that was shared on social media yesterday is now being investigated by law enforcement and the police,” Boaler said to Nelson in an email.

After seeing that you are spreading falsehoods and harassing me on the internet, she said, “I was appalled.”

The San Francisco high school teacher who first tweeted about Boaler’s home location eventually erased it and apologised for doing so. Nelson insisted that he did not tweet her address.

On top of that, Nelson went on to equate Boaler’s threat to alert authorities to other white women who had previously called the police on black guys.


Threatened me with the cops by a @Stanford professor.” With Retweet Rachel, we now have BBQ Becky, Permit Pat, Golfcart Gail and all the memes,” he said.

The general public is advised not to contact the police on unwarranted suspicion on black individuals. Having a Twitter argument with a fellow black person is not a crime.

She then apologised if she was regarded as threatening law enforcement in the aftermath of the public spat, which she stated she wasn’t.

As a “courtesy,” she informed him that posts by a teacher who shared her address had been forwarded to law enforcement or the police. “I felt it would be best for him to avoid her,” she said.
In his words, I was threatening him with the police and attorneys. “I was not,” I said.”

When he said I was ‘calling the cops on an unarmed black guy,’ I was shocked at the amount of people who believed him.


Professor to professor, I wrote a letter inviting him to meet and apologised for mentioning the police. “It was never my intention to do that,” I said.

According to Nelson, he was falsely accused of harassing Boaler over the internet because the screenshot he posted didn’t contain any private information, but was instead obtained from a public record on a publicly accessible website.

To him, the charges came directly after a line invoking police and attorneys, which he took to be a direct threat against him.

In view of the gravity of the situation, “I do not take these false charges lightly.”

An article in the Stanford Review, the conservative student newspaper at Stanford University, was published this week in response to Nelson’s tweets regarding Boaler.

California’s proposed California Math Framework (CMF) “is a flawed rewrite of state rules on math instruction that would badly effect tens of millions of Californians, including my own two children,” Nelson stated in the wake of the event.


Through the use of an entirely new approach to teaching mathematics, pupils will be unprepared for the quantitative four-year degree programmes that are the norm today.

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