Baby bear escapes the cage at Peshawar Zoo

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

20th Sep, 2019. 11:09 pm
Bear cub escapes from Peshawar Zoo

A four-month bear cub is on the loose after it escaped its cage at the Peshawar Zoo.

According to media reports, the cub was in a cage with its mother when one of the caretakers left the door open and the cub escaped.

Both the mother and baby had been brought to the zoo from Dir two days ago.

The zoo administration believes that the cub is still inside the zoo and are examining CCTV footage to locate it.

The cub hasn’t been seen in footage of the zoo’s exit points.

There is currently some renovation work going on at the zoo and a lot of heavy machinery inside.

Officials believe the cub could be hiding there somewhere.

While the cub doesn’t pose a threat to anyone, the zoo administration made announcements about its disappearance via local mosques.

The bear cub was worth 3.5 million Pakistani rupees.

Earlier, the inauguration of the Peshawar Zoo two months ago came under a dark cloud.

Just a week before its doors were flung open, five spotted deer had died as they were transported from the Nizampur Wildlife Park in Nowshera to the zoo in the heart of Peshawar.

The sad news, though, did not deflate the spirits of the administration who went ahead with the plan to open the zoo.

It seems that with all the preoccupations with opening and running the zoo, the incident with the spotted deer was soon forgotten with a blue bull meeting the same fate soon after, followed by the death of a beautiful black buck and at least three chinkara does.

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