“Konya Turkish Sufi Music Ensemble” in Alhamra Art council

Muhammad Sudhir Chaudhry Deputy Bureau Chief Lahore

27th Nov, 2019. 12:46 am

To express the solidarity with brotherly Muslim country Turkey, the Lahore Arts Council in collaboration with Younes Emery Institute of Turkish Cultural Center held a musical event titled “Sufi Night” for Sufi Music lovers in which Whirling Dervishes’ of Istanbul, “Konya Turkish Sufi Music Ensemble” enthralled the people of Lahore with their mesmerizing performance in their unique style here on 26th Nov, at Alhamra Art Centre, the Mall.
Governor of Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar was the chief guest of the evening, who graced the event along with Consulate General Turkey Emir Ozbay, Chairperson Lahore Arts Council Moneeza Hashmi and Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Ather Ali Khan.

The world renowned Turkish Whirling Dervishes, who need no introduction because of their unmatchable Sufi’s whirling dance called, “Sema” the literal meaning of the word “Semâ’” is “to hear”. For Mevlevi dervishes, it carries the added meaning of being enraptured while listening to music, being in motion and whirling. Sema is a Ziker said silently while whirling on foot. The whirling dervishes silently call “Allah” inwardly on every whirl.

On the occasion, Governor of Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar said, we welcome our distinguished guests from Turkey; Turkey is our Islamic brotherly country with which our diplomatic and bilateral relations are very cordial. He further said that the relations between Pakistan and Turkey span decades, which is getting stronger and deeper with time.
On the occasion, the Consulate General Turkey Emir Ozbay said that Alhamra is the main platform for the promotion of art. “The art of Whirling Dervish was a reflection of Sufi traditions; we really appreciate the efforts of LAC for promotion of art and culture.

Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Athar Ali Khan said in this regard that Alhamra’s platform is providing key services for promotion of literary cultural activities, Alhamra is offering cultural colors to the world. He further said that, beautiful atmosphere here attracts a lot of international attention; the performances by Whirling Dervish were very impressive. Allama Iqbal was highly influenced by Mulana Rumi and gave him the status of his Murshad, he added.

The Whirling Dervishes held their audience spellbound for hours with their superb performance of this great dance associated with the Sufi’s world. The event was attended by a great number of audiences who appreciated the efforts of Lahore Arts Council to arrange such kind of entertaining events for the public of Lahore.

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