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Valentines Day 2020: Single people share some rib-tickling memes

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

14th Feb, 2020. 10:00 pm
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Valentine's Day 2020

Twitter always comes up with some unique thing and today on the eve of Valentine’s Day 2020, Twitter flooded with some hilarious memes which forever single people are sharing and making fun of them selves.

While all the couples are busy making plans and getting ready for their dates on this Valentine’s day, on the other hand the singles are busy figuring out whether they should stream Netflix or watch videos on You tube.

Valentine’s Day has faced a lot of criticism too, especially in conservative societies. Whether it is permissible to celebrate the day or not seems unclear to date. Not everyone is aware of the story and events behind Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day 2020: History, facts, and fantasies

Christians and followers of different faith join in celebrating Valentine’s Day every year on the 14th of February. Muslims, on the other hand, don’t share a common position in this regard. Some of the Muslim clerics don’t see any problem in the celebrations of Valentine’s Day whereas others considered it forbidden.

Some of the Clerics also maintained that our Holy book doesn’t contain any verse related to Valentine. Islam promotes the concept of marriage between a man and a woman and encourages maintaining peace, harmony, love, and affection between them. Well-known Muslim cleric, Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Menk, a.k.a Mufti Menk reportedly advised Muslims to show love their wives as if it is Valentine’s Day every day.

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