Chicken Corn Soup: Tantalize Your Taste Buds With Homemade Recipe

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

24th Nov, 2020. 10:01 pm
Chicken Corn Soup: Tantalize Your Taste Buds With Homemade Recipe

The winter season has begun and in this season, various things are used to keep oneself fit and healthy.

There is nothing better than hot soup to keep yourself warm and energetic this winter.

Yes! Hot delicious soups not only give you inner energy but also their delicious taste helps to keep your mouth taste good.

Now that the dry and cold winter season has officially begun, we can’t wait to share with you our thoughts and information about the delicious chicken corn soup.

There is hardly a person in your family who does not like this traditional corn and chicken soup.

A cup of hot soup in the dry and cold weather of winter is no less than a blessing. This traditional chicken corn soup is loved all over the world and everyone wants to enjoy it.

This traditional chicken corn soup is best for the winter season that can be used as a great side dish to decorate your dining table.


A cup of corn kernels (coat like porridge)
Two cups (cut)
Garlic Four Gambling (Cut)
Ginger one piece (cut)
Spoon of sugar
Two tablespoons of oil
12 grains of rye
A teaspoon of red pepper (crushed)
A tablespoon of vinegar
Teaspoon of pepper
Two eggs
Two tablespoons of cornflour


Add onion, salt, garlic and ginger in about 8 cups of water and boil the chicken.

When four cups of yakhni are left, remove the herbs. Now fry corn porridge in oil and cook it well by adding yakhni, chicken meat, salt, sugar, mustard and black pepper.

Lightly sear the cornflour on the stove and add it. Beat two eggs and mix before removing. Turn off the stove. Put red pepper (crushed), mustard seeds and two pinches of salt in the head and serve the soup with your favourite sauces.

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