This summer, style your lawn suit with 4 simple ways

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27th Apr, 2021. 01:29 pm
This summer, style your lawn suit with 4 four simple ways

It’s summers, the time of the year when the dressing game is up, and it’s all about having fun. It involves a lot of colors and floral prints and the biggest craze summers bring with it is that of lawn suits. The lawn is a thin fabric that is best for wearing in hot weather.

Although lawn is the most comfortable fabric to wear in this scorching heat and as we all slightly struggle to keep it looking prim and proper.

Here are the 4 simple ways to make your lawn suit stylish and elegant

Matching face mask

In the light of Covid-19 style your simple lawn suit with a matching facemask. It can be a monotone mask or of the same print as your dress. Make sure that you save some piece of cloth from your lawn suit to sew a matching face mask. This fashion statement assures that you will stand out in your own stylish way.

Design Inspiration 

Short shirts are in fashion this year. There is so much you can do with a short shirt. The best thing is that you can wear it with different styles of bottoms.

If you are not the one gifted with naturally long legs, so you can always wear a short shirt to give the impression that you are tall. The art of styling is actually based on illusions, so don’t be afraid to try new things that can help to make you look exactly what you want.

Pair of Unique sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses will surely magnify your finished look even more. With many vintage trends surfacing online, 90s sunglasses have made their way back to the biggest trends in this season.  Sunglasses are safe to say that they will stay for a long time, which means it’s finally time for you to experiment with any of the current styles be it the cat-eye frames or ones with thick temples are the ones in fashion this year.

Trending handbags

Only wearing fancy clothes and jewels is not enough to complete your summer’s look. One must invest in handbags, as it adds more glamour to your outfit. However, these days any handbag that appears in embossed prints seems to be the right fit and good to go with your summer outfit.

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