Jennifer Aniston reveals all the secrets behind her fitness and selfcare

Raba NoorWeb Editor

21st Sep, 2021. 12:09 am
Jennifer Aniston

Friends starlet Jennifer Aniston revealed all the secrets of her self-care, from morning routine to daily habits.

The actress recently sat down for a chit-chat with international media where she shares her self-care tips for healthy living.

“Meditation, that’s a no-brainer,” she said when the host asked about her morning routine.

“I also journal and if I don’t get to do that, it’s a bummer. And then also, my coffee. That’s sort of the ritual: Coffee, mediation, meditation comma coffee, depending on the order,” she added.

“Walking them and feeding them, that’s my typical morning,” she shared.

“No phones, no email no texting, and no social media. No looking at any of that for a good hour, hour and a half. I highly recommend doing a week of it, you won’t believe the difference,” she said in her morning routine.

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