Rapid Fire with Ghana Ali

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Rapid Fire with Ghana Ali
Rapid Fire with Ghana Ali

Ghana Ali Umair, is a leading Pakistani television, film and theater actress who has made a name for herself within a small span of time. Her excellent dialogue delivery, powerful facial expressions, strong acting skills and spontaneous timing have made her a household name in no time. She is known for her work in Pakistani dramas. She earned commercial success with a lead role in the drama serial Sangdil, Sun Yaara and many other TV shows for different entertainment channels. Ghana made her film debut with the musical-drama Rangreza, which was released in 2017. This week Bol News had a rapid fire with her where we talked about her future plans, career and personal life. The Diva had tied the knot with a Karachi based Businessman Umair Gulzar in February 2021 and was blessed with a baby girl in November 2021.


Q 1: Who is your inspiration in acting?

Answer: My inspiration in acting is Margot Robbie.



Q 2: Share some interesting moments from your artistic career or personal life?

Answer: When I started working in the industry everyone around me was very supportive and kind to me. As I was just a kid who was in her learning phase, everybody was ready to help me out and teach me, but when I acquired fame and became their competitor, I experienced a surprising shift in their attitude towards me. Their statements and behaviour dramatically changed and within no time they turned into rivals.


Q 3: What is your dream role?

Answer: My dream role is to do something I haven’t done before. An out of the box fascinating idea has always been a dream role for me.



BOLD: You are recently blessed with a baby, how did it change life for you?

GA: It made a huge impact and difference. My priorities are diverted towards the baby. Sometimes I have to stay up all night long. It’s a great paradigm shift because a baby is entirely dependent on you, but the essence of this experience is very exceptional to feel. You don’t tend to pay heed to your own needs.


Q: 5 What are your upcoming projects?

Answer: My up and coming project is my movie “Gawah Rehna ” which will be released and make its way to theaters either this year or in the next year Inshallah.



Q: 6 Starting from today where do you see yourself in ten years?

Answer: I am not really much of a future planner, I don’t know where I will be standing in coming ten years but I’ll be more than comfortable with whatever future holds for me.


Q 7: Are you interested in doing movies?

Answer: Presently, I am only focused and interested in doing movies and commercials.



Q 8 : Are you interested in doing negative roles?

Answer: I love doing negative roles, honestly speaking that is my forte. I really enjoy playing them.


Q 9 : How do you manage work and baby at the same time? How to maintain a work- social life balance?

Answer: It’s going to be very difficult but watching people like Hira Mani and Ayeza Khan gives me hope and strength, if they can do it, I can do it too.



Q 10: What is your skincare routine?

Answer: My skin care routine is very simple and I don’t do much with my skin. I just moisturise it and then only use oil-free formulated products and face washes, they work wonders for my skin.


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