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Censor Board bans third film of the year – ‘I’ll Meet You There’

With only 3 months into 2022, the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) has already banned 3 films, the latest one being by the award-winning director Iram Parveen Bilal titled ‘I’ll Meet You There.’ The film was banned a week ahead of its scheduled theatrical release in the country.  I’ll Meet You There was released for the international audience in February last year and is said to be a modern and moving portrait of three generations of a Muslim-American family which features Majeed, a Chicago policeman, and his teenage daughter Dua, a gifted ballerina, who are unexpectedly visited by Baba, Majeed’s long-estranged father from Pakistan.

The film stars the Iron Man famed Pakistani-British star Farhan Tahir and veteran actor Qavi Khan alongside Nikita Tewani, Sheetal Sheth, Shawn Parsons, Andrea Cirie, Nitin Madan, Michael Pemberton, Samrat Chakrabarti and Rachit Trehan.

The CBFC found the film unsuitable for public exhibition on the grounds that it does not reflect true Pakistani culture, portrays a negative image of Muslims and is against the social and cultural values of Pakistan resulting in a refusal to grant the censorship certificate to the film.



Sana Javed in hot waters after numerous reports of misconduct

Actress Sana Javed landed into hot waters after multiple allegations levelled against her for being rude to co-workers and the crew on sets. It all started when model Manal Saleem came forward to share her horrid experience working alongside the actress who belittled her and soon after makeup artists Rhyan Thomas and Ikram Gohar shared their harrowing experiences with the actress, during this time several celebrities, models and fellow makeup artists too shared their experiences without naming the actress. In retaliation, Javed sent out legal notices to everyone who shared their experience including makeup artist Omayr Waqar who counter-filed a legal notice to the actress calling it an attempt to harass him. Makeup artist Wajid Khan too shared how he was completely removed from a project on the actress’s demand after he suggested a few tweaks to her makeup.

And then came forward the only eye-witness of the fiasco that model Manal Saleem had mentioned, makeup artist Syed Hussain came forward with an official statement confirming that Sana Javed had indeed belittled the actress and even asked her to be removed from the room – all while the model’s makeup was in progress and had to be stopped due to the actress’s demand. Hussain also shared that Javed’s behavior is condemnable and should not be tolerated.  Soon after, the brand Rang Rasiya came forward to disassociate themselves with the actress and clarified that the incident took place on their set while they were shooting for their upcoming Eid collection. According to a statement issued by the fashion label, they are ‘deeply disturbed’ by the incident and have chosen to reshoot with another celebrity for the same collection.

Among the allegations, several celebrities have come forward to defend Javed including Nadeem Baig, Fahad Mustafa, Sadia Faisal, Angeline Malik and cricketer Shoaib Malik who penned supportive messages for the actor and described her as a ‘kind and courteous’ person.



Trailer for Yaara Vey out now!

2022 has proven to be a great year for cinema-goers, with a ton of movies releasing that were halted due to the pandemic, the viewers are spoilt for choice. One of the films that was halted due to the pandemic was Sami Khan, Aleeze Nasser and Faizan Khwaja starrer Yaara Vey.

With the trailer out now, fans and movie buffs are excited to see what the trio has in store for us. The trailer hints towards a possible love triangle between the three lead characters, the dialogues seem rather interesting and so does the music.

A film by Beeline productions will be releasing worldwide on June 17 and features an international artist Aleeze Nasser. The posters were made public on Valentine’s Day which seems to fit with the theme of the film – romance. Directed by Manish Pawar, Yaara Vey is written by Althea Kaushal and the dialogues are by Mahwash Ijaz. The cast also includes some of the finest industry veterans Javed Sheikh and Marina Khan.



Ms. Marvel’s trailer introduces MCU’s first Muslim superhero

In the new trailer for the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, we meet the young new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teen and burgeoning superhero. With The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights serving as the background track, the trailer follows Kamala’s transformation from an average Pakistani-American high-schooler in New Jersey to a superhero with cosmic abilities. There are several scenes in the trailer that act as a nod to Kamala’s Muslim as well as Pakistani heritage, with the hero praying in a congregation at a mosque in one and unleashing her superpowers in a typical desi marriage hall setting in another. The series is also set to feature Fawad Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Alyy Khan as well as Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar, but the trailer had no scenes that featured either of them but the trailer does features Nimra Bucha clad in a maroon leather jacket, asking Kamala if she knows what she is and that alone has gotten our excitement up! Rumour has it that Mehwish Hayat and Fawad Khan are playing Kamala’s great grandparents in a flashback scene to the 1947 partition of the Subcontinent. The series is set to premiere June 8 on Disney+ and that won’t be the last we’ll see of Kamala, who will turn up in February 2023’s The Marvels.

I’ll Meet You There, Iron Man, Yaara Vey, Ms. Marvel, The Marvels


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