Best dine outs for Ramadan 2022

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Best dine outs for Ramadan 2022


Shoulder: These restaurants not only have the best iftar buffet dinner but also light on your pockets

Ramzan is regarded as the month of blessings. Muslims all around the world wait for this holy month with unmeasurable excitement. People offer prayers, volunteer for the charity, and are always on the lookout for something new to eat. Karachi is known for its delectable food where you can find colossal food cuisines and restaurants. During Ramadan, people from all across the country flock to Karachi to visit new restaurants and sample their cuisine. There are numerous Ramzan deals that every restaurant offers whereas some are known for the best iftar buffets. We have compiled a list of the greatest Ramadan Deals and Iftar Dinner Buffets that you can try in 2022.


Bar B.Q Tonight 

It is located in the heart of Karachi’s Clifton neighbourhood. Iftar and Sehri buffet are also available at Bar B.Q Tonight. The rooftop sitting area is great for keeping social distance while sticking to the regulations. This is the spot to go if you’re craving both Indian food and Bar Be Que. This appears to be a good value for the variety of dishes they serve.


As the name suggests their speciality is bar be queue items which are mouth-watering and have an amazing taste that is hard to find anywhere.



Cafe Chatterbox 

Chatterbox is one of Karachi’s first cafes to serve meals from a wide range of cuisines while taking into account individual tastes. It aims to give a modern, energetic, and welcoming atmosphere in which customers can relax and enjoy a delectable, informal meal. The seats are plush, the tables are rustic, and the colours are soothing, all of which contribute to the tranquil environment. A small corner is organised with books for children and adults to encourage a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere. Customers’ comfort was taken into account when designing the interior. Cafe Chatterbox is a welcoming place to meet up with friends, host family dinners, or simply stop by after work for a dessert and coffee. They provide various iftar and sehri buffets during the month of Ramadan and the peaceful place is ideal to spend time after a long fast.



Kolachi – Do Darya 

Kolachi is not only famous because of the food but also for the captivating view. The environment is quite relaxing as the sea will soothe your wandering mind. The iftar buffet features over 50 delicacies that are sure to make your Iftar a memorable experience. It’s more of an Iftar/Dinner Buffet, thus from Dahi Baray, Samosay, Pakoray, Lahori Fish, Channa Chat to Mexican Wings, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Drinks, and Sauces, everything is on the iftar menu.





Chaupal’s ambience is undeniably appealing, and after a hard day of fasting in the sweltering heat, you may unwind to have iftar at the restaurant. Chaupal’s indoor and outdoor dining areas are both beautiful and relaxing. Chaupal offers a fantastic Iftar buffet with a variety of foods.




Dine inside or outside in the fresh air. It’s never enough to take in the peaceful atmosphere and feel compelled to return. You may now immerse yourself in the enchantment while also making enduring memories. Kababjees offers a diverse range of cuisines all under one roof. Explore the flavours of the world with Continental and Chinese delights, and that’s before you even consider the diversity and brilliance of their BBQ grill. Kababjees’ Iftar buffet would be delectable and tantalising because their cuisines are delectable.



Saltanat Restaurant 

Saltanat Restaurant is a newly opened restaurant on Karachi’s Old Drive Inn Cinema’s National Stadium Rd. It is hell-bent on giving you a classic taste while immersed in a royal environment. The restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes Pakistani, European, Chinese and barbeque cuisines. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a nice place to eat dinner in a beautiful setting.



Clock Tower 

The recently opened eatery on the coast of Karachi’s sea has quickly become one of the city’s most popular hangouts. The comprehensive menu, which contains a wide variety of things, is popular with many people. Because of its Instagram-worthy ocean views and breathtaking sunset views, it’s the ideal place for your next Iftar supper. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on iftar, the bundle is equally affordable.


Cafeela Restaurant  


There are four different cuisines to choose from at the Cafeela restaurant in Karachi: Chinese, Pakistani, Thai, and Seafood, assuring that everyone will find something to their preference. You will enjoy your iftar there because the environment is quite soothing, with great furniture and very accommodating staff.  From sizzling vegetable dishes to spicy Chinese and lip-smacking desserts, Cafeela should be your next stop.


Lasania Restaurant 

Lasania is one of Pakistan’s most popular restaurants. Located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, the restaurant is properly furnished and air-conditioned, so you won’t be bothered by Karachi’s blistering heat. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and they offer an incredible Iftar buffet at a very affordable price.


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