It’s Not What You Wear But How You Wear it: Fashion Mistakes to Avoid This Eid

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It’s Not What You Wear But How You Wear it: Fashion Mistakes to Avoid This Eid

You must have seen all the best collections on your Instagram feed and probably picked your favorites by now. Your eid jora probably be on its way back from the tailor or hanging in your closet.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you plan to wear something different every year and of course something in fashion. But there are times when even your hand-picked jora can go all wrong and make you a laughing stock.

Whatever your body type, or wardrobe struggles, here are a few fashion mistakes to avoid this Eid!

  1. Clothes Keep You Cool – No to Dark Colors
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As the Eid days are expected to be humid, one must be very careful while choosing their dress color. Lime, lemon, white, pink, cyan, and blue are the colors to opt for this summer.


Wearing black or dark shades in the summer is a bad move. Mainly because dark color absorbs more heat, making you a lot hotter than you need to be. For someone whose closet is 90 percent black, summer is generally bad news. But don’t worry, there are so many other shades that you can rock and look hotter!


Still in doubt? Check out Ali Rehman Khan; isn’t he embracing color like a pro? Perfect eid kurta for men!




  1. Don’t Go With the Usual

Personal style is an experiment; you never know what looks fantastic on you until you’re in the dressing room. Play with colors and prints to find what looks great on your unique body. The categories “men’s wear” and “women’s wear” shouldn’t dictate how you shop.


If you always wear three piece suit from ‘that brand’, why not settle with something minimal this time? How about matching separates this time?


I know you might be judging me right now, but I am all in love with what Sanam Saeed is wearing; unmixed olive is the way to go this eid, ladies!



  1. Over Accessorizing – A BIG NO NO!

Ladies, you do not need a statement necklace, dangly earrings, a belt, and a fringe bag to rock—it’s too much. Why are you distracting us from your pretty face with all these fancy objects?


Keep it chic and simple. Wear those statement earrings or a necklace if you’re wearing a low-cut blouse. (One, not both!) All you need to think about is balance and proportion.



If you’re wearing a high neck top, it’s time to rock an arm full of shiny bangles and slick your hair back in a low bun (like Deepika). Or if you plan to go for mainly neutrals, just grab an oversized bright green bag. It’s all in the balance.


Don’t be like Kangana, go easy this year!






  1. Ill-Fitting Clothes

This is for all men out there – we know you plan to spend your eid sleeping (mostly) but why not at least be rocking and sleep? (If that’s the thing)



Wearing clothes that fit properly is especially important with classic items like kurta pajama, denim and blazers. Try before you buy, or pass on to your tailor for small adjustments to hemlines and sleeves (or learn to make adjustments yourself).


Tailored clothing not only looks polished but also feels more comfortable. Once you have a capsule wardrobe that fits you perfectly, you can start to play with over-and under-sized items in a way that feels fashionable, not sloppy.




  1. Don’t Shop For Instagram

A new age fashion mistake I see many people committing to is shopping with Instagram in mind. People nowadays are focused on what is trending, what will get them more engagement, and less about what clothing they like. To me, that defeats the whole purpose of having a truly personal style – and being influential through your style.


It’s crucial to understand that we only dress for ourselves. We should not try to get another person’s attention, impress them, or pretend to be someone we are not. And worst of all, do not feel the need to compete with another woman/man – or “show them up”.


Too much to remember? Just be comfortable in your skin

I am not a fashion guru, but avoiding these fashion mistakes can save you from a lot of embarrassment.  If you feel there’s too much to remember, just be comfortable in your skin, and everything will fall after!

So which of these mistakes are you guilty of?


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