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Q&A Agha Mustafa


Often seen as a secret lover in dramas, Agha Mustafa Hassan is an emerging talent who started his career as a theatre actor and now rising as a shining star. He is his own critic who always strives to do better. Ambitious, talented and handsome, this week Agha Mustafa is in conversation with BOLD.

Q1) How did you get into acting?

A1) I used to participate in school and college dramas. But back then I really didn’t know that this what I wanted to do. One day my sister said let’s go out and took me with her and all of a sudden we park outside a theatre play and she told me why you don’t audition as her friend was there too. I auditioned and ended up getting the lead. And then rest you know as they say its history.



Q2) Did acting come naturally to you?


A2) Yes so when the theatre play was over and we got a standing ovation. My entire life flashed in front of my eyes like in the movies. And this was exactly what I wanted to do. I do feel this does come naturally when I do a character or scene and it does come from inside.


Q3) You’ve recently worked in Mr & Mrs Shameem alongside Nauman Ijaz and and Saba Qamar, what was the experience like?

A3) Yes, working with Nomi Bhai and Saba is amazing. My debut was with Nomi Bhai in Sang E Marmar. But to work with them together again was another worthy experience. Such a strong subject and such good content. What I have learnt in this project, was never learnt before. I feel like this project is something that really refined my craft. And for that I will always be grateful.


Q4) What did you personally take away from Mr & Mrs Shameem?


A4) There are so many layers to Mr and Mrs Shameem and that’s why I love that script. But I do agree that the hidden taboo topics of our society and the toxic masculinity that is very prevalent about which we need to be more considerate and tackle these boundaries and make things better. So what if someone is a female. We should be smarter with how we treat people. And dhuki chuki baatein should not be dhukki chupii, it’s about time to speak up.


Q5) We’ve seen you explore a variety of roles-toxic, negative, positive; what is the one role you really want to do?

A5) Yes I do like to do different roles. If you keep doing the same things you become boring. I love character acting more than that. It doesn’t have to be negative or a villain. But any form of characters. For me characters are more appealing than the hero.




Q6) What compels you to sign a script? Is there a certain checklist?

A6) A script has to make me feel something inside. While reading a script if I feel bored or it makes me sleepy then how will I do the project? I have to like the script as I read it. Like how in our childhood we used to enjoy reading.


Q7) We’ve often seen actors venture into modelling and being show-stoppers, you have got the looks for it so is that something we can expect in the future?

A7) I mean never say never! I would love to be a showstopper if the right offer came along. And if it is the right time. So yes let’s see!



Q8) From performing at the theatre to dramas to telefilm to web-series and even a film (Dum Mastam) under your belt, what’s next for you?

A8) The only thing I will say to that the best is yet to come!


Q9) Of all the a thing avenues – drama, telefilm, web-series and film – which one do you enjoy performing the most?

A9) Definitely films because that is why we become actors in the first place to be film stars. Other than that the one thing I miss doing and absolutely love is theatre. I love doing commercials as well. I enjoy it all but among everything is film and theatre.




Q10) What does success mean to you?

A10) For me to be successful is to be a household name. Have my face plastered everywhere. And being recognised and acknowledged by my work. All this comes under being successful.


Q11) How do you deal with the negativity?

A11) We all are human beings and we all have negativity and negative thoughts inside of us every now and then. My way to combat is that I try to pray and also work out. These two things really help me out when it comes to mental health and all the negativity that flows inside.



Q12) How was the experience of performing on stage for the first time?

A12)Oh! that was a brilliant feeling. As I said earlier that when the play ended my entire life flashed in front of me and this was my calling all along. But the first theatre performance I did I was initially very calm. The people who I performed with had done their plays before and they were all nervous and I was like “look at me I am so chill” although I hadn’t even done it before. But once the play started and I was about to step on stage my heart sank, I couldn’t breathe and I was like dying but my co actor encouraged me. She calmed me down and told me to take a few deep breaths. And when I went on stage everything happened in a jiffy and I did it. But it was the best and amazing feeling being on stage.


Q13) One thing you’d like to change in the industry?

A13) I would definitely love for us to move on from the Saas bahu and love triangle scripts.




Q14) Any advice for the budding actors?

A14) I think it’s important for anyone who wants to come in this industry to have a lot of patience and be very passionate.




Q15) Ever came a point when you thought of quitting acting?

A15) Oh many times! But probably the only time I was actually serious about quitting was right before I got my web series Mr & Mrs Shameem. I remember I was really low and I thought it through and it wasn’t an emotional decision but I thought that there is no point of doing all this and let’s just quit. And started thinking about what I have to do in life. And I was very sad when I made this decision. But within 10 mints I got the call for this web series and I was like this is a sign from Allah. I am grateful I’ve been persistent so far and Insha’Allah I’ll be persistent later on as well.


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