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As MQM-P and PPP shake hands Sindh’s nationalists are left fuming

The nationalist leaders of Sindh have strongly condemned the new  pact between the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) and the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), following the dissolution of the Imran Khan government. The nationalists have launched protests against the pact, stating that both the mainstream parties always try every trick in the book to stay in power, while harming Sindh and its people. Against the backdrop of increasing hostilities and ongoing protests, Bol News spoke to Sindhi nationalists to get a clearer picture.


Ayaz Latif Palijo, QAT President

According to Palijo, an anti-Sindh accord for the sake of power and bargain of Sindh would never be tolerated. The permanent solution to the problems of Pakistan lies in a real, just and democratic Federation. Previously, the MQM-P just enjoyed power for over three decades and ignored the people of Karachi. Therefore, he rejects the accords of the PPP and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) with MQM-P.

He was also of the view that, terrorism and illiteracy have taken a heavy toll on economic and moral values of the society. There are no e no opportunities for jobs and a complete destruction of education in Sindh. Meanwhile, there is an agricultural crisis as the poor are deprived of water. He held firm that, peace and harmony can play a role in making the country successful and undivided. Sindh has been around for for centuries and it will maintain its status forever.


Possession of the Sindh Governor House and Secretariat would never be tolerated, he said. “We long for the supremacy of democracy and the Constitution. Urdu-speaking people are our brothers, we will live together for the next thousands of years. It is a high time to deliver Sindh from cruel Waderas [landlords], terrorists and corrupt ministers,” he maintained. The PPP and PML-N have no right to take a decision about the unity of Sindh, he said, while adding that all elected parties in Sindh have disappointed the people. According to Palejo, the agenda of mainstream political parties have a lack of attention towards women, farmers, minorities and workers. “Why have the Parliament and judiciary remained tight-lipped over the ruin of Sindh and the federal government must delineate its agenda about Sindh,” he said.


Dr Niaz Kalani, JSQM-B senior leader

Sindhi-speaking people embraced Urdu-speaking people with open arms and called them brothers, maintained Dr Niaz Kalani. He said regardless of race, language, sect and religion, every permanent resident of Sindh should have equal rights and access to opportunity.

The JSQM-B leader held firm that, if somebody demanded a separate Sindh or an area like Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and others for Mohajirs, then the Sindhi-speaking community would not tolerate it. It is a conspiracy hatched against brotherhood between Urdu and Sindhi-speaking people that will harm both these communities, he said. The only people who would benefit are outsiders such as Pathans, Burmese, Bengalese, Biharis and others who settled in Sindh permanently.

“We have no objection if Mohajirs have positions of Governor or Chief Secretary because they are permanent residents of Sindh. Families of both nationalist leaders Saeen GM Syed and Altaf Hussain have the same rights in Sindh,” said Kalani. It is interesting that MQM-P demands and stresses an implementation of 40 per cent quota system, while it had always stood against it.


He stated that Nationalists have always been against the quota system and call for a merit-based one. Those who are competent and able should inducted into government departments without any discrimination.


Riaz Chandio, Jeay Sindh Mahaz-Riaz

We consider Mohajirs as citizens of Sindh. They are sons of the soil and are not in minority. Mohajirs are our brothers who live and work together with us,” proclaimed Chandio. He said both PPP and MQM-P should make a pact to oust illegal immigrants, such as Afghanis, so that the people of Sindh can lead their lives respectably, from Karachi to Kashmore and utilise the resources of the province efficiently. He further stated that both the parties should focus on the implementation of the 1991 Water Accord, due share of water to Sindh and the fair share of the National Finance Commission award. The parties must address rising street crimes, marine and environmental pollution, curb the over burden caused by the nearly four million illegal immigrants, and raising mangroves.

“The [MQM-P and PPP] have just made a pact with each other to benefit themselves and to loot funds while enjoying a monopoly despite the numerous problems being faced by people,” maintained the JSM-R leader. “If powers of District Municpal Corporations and positions of Karachi Mayor are given to MQM-P, it will build a wall of hatred for permanent residents of Sindh. Every body knows that they always cling to power, are corrupt, terrorists and reluctant to serve Sindh,” He further said.

Chandio alleged that, the Federation is looting Sindh in terms of energy, gas, water and financial resources. Condemnable agreements between the PPP, PML-N and MQM-P are aimed to satisfy their respective avarice of powers and funds. He said both parties know how to bargain with the strong and powerful Establishment which has accommodated both of them simultaneously this time. “Being a political activist, a Nationalist and a servant of Sindh, I think this agreement is just to strengthen each other only,” he said.



Dr Qadir Magsi, STPP chairman

Both the PPP and MQM-P claim to represent rural and urban Sindh respectively, and according to Magsi, Sindhi Nationalists have many objections to this. No pact should be inked on the basis of race and language as it is intolerable and is against the true spirit of democracy, he said. In Sindh, there aren’t only two languages being spoken, but over a dozen languages are spoken in various parts of Sindh ranging from Sindhi, Seraiki, Marwari, Brohi to Pashto and Punjabi.

“We object to the division of Sindh in the name of administrative units, any compromise on sacred ‘Dharti’ [motherland] of Sindh, consultation with MQM-P over appointments of jobs from grades one to five,” stated Magsi, while adding that, “only traitors of Sindh can dare agree and implement such a pact.”

He revealed that during a conference he had held about the pact – which was attending by representatives of around 12 parties in Sindh, various writers, intellectuals and scholars –many expressed their grave concerns over it and pleaded for the formation a joint parliamentary forum to stand against it.

The conference also issued a joint narrative that Islamabad is responsible for bringing up MQM-P to consolidate its blackmailing and fascist politics.


Everyone from military dictators Ziaul Haq to Pervez Musharraf, to PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari to PTI Chairman Imran Khan, is responsible for this, according to Magsi. He said he is firmly against those who made people fight with each other on the grounds of pseudo mohajir politics. He said MQM-P has never delivered since 1987 when they came to power, due to which urban people are leading their lives under crippling economic conditions.


Jalal Mehmood Shah, SUP chairman

He stated that his party will raise objections to the agreement if it is tabled in the Sindh assembly. “We call for appointments on merit, have no issue over division of quota system, and the Sindh governor should not come from a political party, although he could be a Urdu-speaking person,” maintained Shah. “If more divisions or districts of Sindh are formed, it will benefit people to provide services but there will be no compromise on division of Sindh at all,” he said.

He further claimed that facilities, services and prerogatives should not be provided on the basis of parties, as this will only cause serious deprivation and hate among people of Sindh. Whoever is residing permanently in Sindh has equal rights to all services and facilities without any discrimination. According to Shah, if the rural and urban Sindh is given to the PPP and MQM-P, respectively, it will be objectionable. Those who do not belong to these two parties will be deprived of rights.



Abrar Kazi, DFP convener

Kazi maintained that both the parties will capitalise on the agreement instead of giving any benefit to Sindh or its locals. He alleged that the PPP and MQM-P keep plundering the resources of Sindh by joining hands with each other – something they have also done in the past through such so-called agreements.

“MQM-P starts its politics with a slogan about the division of Sindh. The people of Sindh will never tolerate this and that is why this party is not acceptable to them at any cost. It sows the seeds of detestation among people,” revealed Kazi. On top of that, this party has a long history to murdering innocent people, packing them in gunny sacks, dumping bodies on roads, extorting and threatening people, so that it can continue to enjoy its monopoly on power in urban Sindh, all the while also failing to serve its own community as well, alleged the DFP Convener. “I doubt the intentions of the MQM-P. It will induct its ruffians, thugs and minders into the local police of Karachi, so as to divide Sindh on the pretext of this new accord,” he said.




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