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Rejection and Torture
Rejection and Torture

Rejection and Torture

The mysterious case of medical student Khadija Awan who was allegedly assaulted by a businessman Sheikh Danish has been making headlines

The mysterious case of medical student Khadija Awan, who accused a prominent Faisalabad businessman Sheikh Danish Ali of allegedly raping and assaulting her, has been making headlines over the past three weeks, mainly due to its many twists and turns.

In a latest development, the prime suspect of the case Danish Ali has been sent on judicial remand along with four others by a Faisalabad court.

According to media reports, the testimony of the victim Khadija under Section 164 was not recorded in the Faisalabad torture case. The court later ordered the concerned authorities to record Khadija’s statement in the presence of all suspects.

The young medical student accused Danish of allegedly raping and torturing her after she refused to marry him. The video of the Khadija torture case subsequently released shocked the entire country as it revealed how Danish along with his daughter Ana Ali trapped Khadija and tortured her.


Danish is an influential, wealthy businessman who is running two factories and nearly 800 people are working under him.

According to the FIR registered on August 9, complainant Khadija, who is a final year student of BDS, stated that she was friends with Ana since her school days and often used to visit her house.

She  alleged that during these visits, Danish started taking interest in her and even formally sent a proposal which she rejected.

Things got out of hand when Khadija rejected the proposal and Danish began to put pressure on her through his daughter to change her mind and accept the proposal.

However, Khadija refused to accept the proposal. On August 9, the accused Danish kidnapped her along with her brother Hasan Ghafoor Ali, and his friends Malik Ali Awan and Ali Alvi from their home.

During the kidnapping, the accused entered her bedroom and took an expensive mobile phone, Rs500,000 cash, and two bangles worth Rs450,000.


The accused Danish, his daughter Ana and other suspects named Faizan, Shoaib, and Khan Muhammad tortured Khadija and her brother at gunpoint.

The accused then kidnapped Khadija and her brother and took them to their residence where they forced Khadija to lick their shoes. Later, Ana made a video where she cut the victim’s hair with scissors and shaved her eyebrows on the instruction of the accused Danish and made the video viral on social media.

The victim Khadija revealed that the accused took her into the bedroom, assaulted her physically, mentally and sexually and also recorded this act. Then his daughter Ana asked him to let her go. The accused threatened to leak her video and demanded Rs10,000,00 from her.

The police had registered an FIR against the accused under sections 376, 382, 354, 342, 337-F, 337-A, 337-L, 337-V, 149 and 148.

One of the videos of the victim Khadija went viral on social media in which she can be seen apologising to the accused Danish. The footage, however, was recorded before the incident took place. In the footage, Khadija said: “I am so sorry to Danish, all this politics and gossiping has caused this confusion and I am truly embarrassed.” Later the victim stated that this was an old video.

The Investigative Officer (IO) of the Khadija torture case told BOL News that the duty judge sent the accused Danish on judicial remand on August 29. He maintained that so far he failed to get bail from the court in any section.


Talking about Khadija’s video message, the IO said that she had not forgiven any of the accused and the case is still under trial.

The IO stated that Ana first got protective bail from Islamabad High Court, later she got bail from Faisalabad court.

Earlier, the accused Danish faced backlash from the general public when he appeared in court and the lawyers also attacked him. In the next hearing, Magistrate Naveedur Rahman heard the case through a video link because the accused Danish had not been brought to the court due to security concerns.

The SHO of the Women Police Station requested the court to conduct hearings either online or at the district jail.

During the hearing, Danish’s lawyer argued that Khadija and his client’s daughter Ana could not have been junior class fellows of the victim as there is a 12-year age difference between them.

The lawyer claimed that the accused could never rape Khadija in the presence of his daughter which was alleged in the police report by the complainant. “Khadija’s family concocted the entire story to blackmail his client,” he added.


Khadija’s lawyer argued in the court that anyone who can humiliate a girl in front of his wife and daughter in this manner could not be innocent.

The accused Danish told the court that he was being treated as if he was a spy of an enemy country. “I am being humiliated for no reason,” he said. He told the court that Khadija was not his daughter’s friend.

The accused further maintained before the court that if the police wants his DNA test to be done, then they must do it. “Why has the police not taken the test in the last six days?” he asked the court.

The lawyer of the accused argued before the court that his client is the owner of two factories. “Why would he blackmail a girl for Rs500,000 and two mobile phones?” he said.

Earlier, the daughter of the prime accused, Ana, approached Islamabad High Court and got protective bail against the security bonds of Rs25000. The court ordered her to approach the Faisalabad court within four days.

Ana filed an application at the IHC for protective bail through her counsel in which she stated that she had been living with her mother and grandmother in Islamabad for the past two years.


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