Get ties back on ‘right track’

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Get ties back on ‘right track’


United States doesn’t seek new cold war, upholds one-China policy, says Biden

President Xi Jinping has urged the United States to work with China to move bilateral ties forward on the right track, and assume the due international responsibilities of a major country to work for world peace and stability.

In a video call with US President Joe Biden on Friday, Xi reiterated China’s position on the Ukraine crisis, saying the pressing task currently is to continue to facilitate dialogue and negotiations for a cease-fire between Russia and Ukraine at an early date.

The long-term solution to the Ukraine issue is that major countries should respect each other, abandon a Cold War mindset, reject confrontation between blocs and gradually build up a balanced, effective and sustainable global and regional security architecture, he added.

During their conversation, Biden reassured Xi that the US does not seek a new Cold War, does not seek to change China’s system, does not seek to revitalize its alliances against China, does not support “Taiwan independence”, and has no intention of having a conflict with China.

He said that Washington is ready to have candid dialogue with Beijing, and it upholds the one-China policy and wants to effectively manage competition and differences with China to advance the steady development of bilateral ties.


Xi said that he took Biden’s commitments seriously. Noting that China-US relations are encountering more and more challenges, the Chinese president stressed it is extremely dangerous that some US politicians sent the wrong signals to “Taiwan independence” forces.

He urged the US to take the Taiwan question seriously, saying that if the question cannot be properly handled, bilateral ties will be subverted. The US side has made miscalculations and misjudgments about China’s strategic intentions, he added.

The key to China-US relations is to properly manage their differences, Xi said, adding that the stable development of China-US ties is in the interests of both countries.

While exchanging their views about the Ukraine situation, Xi said the Ukraine crisis is not something China wants to see. The crisis demonstrates again that conflict and confrontation between countries serve the interests of no one, while peace and security are what the international community treasures the most, he said.

Xi said that all parties should support peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. The US and Nato should also develop dialogue with Russia to resolve the crux of the Ukraine crisis and alleviate the security concerns of both Russia and Ukraine, he added.

Xi warned against exercising all-around, nondiscriminatory sanctions, saying that if further escalated, sanctions will incur a serious crisis in global trade, finance, energy, food and industrial chains, damage the people’s well-being and worsen the slowing world economy.


He called for calmness and reason amid the complex Ukraine situation, and urged efforts to create room for peace through political resolution of the crisis.

China has been making every effort to promote peace and will continue to play a positive role in the resolution of the Ukraine issue, Xi said, adding that the country will continue to provide further humanitarian aid to Ukraine and other affected countries.

Biden briefed Xi about the US position on the Ukraine crisis, saying that Washington is willing to communicate with Beijing on the issue to prevent the crisis from escalating.

Both presidents said the video call was constructive, and they urged work teams from both countries to take concrete actions to get China-US ties back on the track of stable development and make their own efforts to help properly resolve the Ukraine crisis.

Courtesy: China Daily



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