Ramazan bazaars doing the needful

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Ramazan bazaars doing the needful


The bazaars in various areas of the city offer discounts on utility items as per the directives of the Punjab government

During the month of Ramazan the prices of commodities and utilities in the open market tend to rise frequently. To counter this problem, the Ramazan bazaars have been set up in different areas of the city to facilitate the masses. Looking at the inflation situation in Pakistan, the Ramazan Bazaar is no less than a gift in the holy month. But for this, it is necessary that the bazaars function properly.

Specifically talking about Lahore, the Ramazan bazaars are set up in various areas of the city to give discounts on utility items as per the directives of the Punjab government.

Bol News visited various Ramazan bazaars to see that to what extent these markets are providing convenience to the general public. During the visit it was observed that a systematic, clean and smooth functioning of affairs was visible. A free parking area for the vehicles of visitors has also been reserved. Tight security has also been ensured to prevent any untoward incident. All the stalls of the Ramazan bazaar have been set up in a tent keeping in view the scorching heat during this time of the year. Sofas and chairs have also been arranged for the visitors. Large fans and air coolers have also been installed in the bazaar for the convenience of the general public.






Tahir Shah, an official, while talking to Bol News said that the DC office has made him in charge of the Shadman Ramazan bazaar. This market is for the general public and his first responsibility is to make sure that the bazaar runs in proper manner. The government has subsidized five different stalls this year. For example, outside in the general market, a bag of flour is available for Rs550, while at the Ramazan bazaar the flour bag is available for Rs450.

The price of sugar in the general market varies between Rs85-90 per kg, while in the Ramazan bazaar the commodity is available at a price set by the government which is Rs80 per kg. Moreover, 13 subsidized items are available at the stall of the Market Committee, which provides subsidy up to 50 per cent. The 13 items include potatoes, onions, apples, ladyfinger, garlic, gram flour, pumpkins, dates, bananas, pulses (dal chana), tomatoes, watermelons and lemons, he informed.

Tahir said that apart from the stall of the Market Committee we ensure that the products available at all the other stalls in the Ramazan bazaar are sold at the rates fixed by the committee. We do not charge anything from the stall vendors, rather we just take assurance from them that their shops remain open from morning to evening to meet the required demand of the masses at market rates. We have also provided wheelchairs for senior citizens to move around in the bazaar besides having first aid facility as well.


While praising the supportive role of different departments, Tahir said that the food department, police, civil defence and others are playing an essential role for the smooth functioning of the bazaar. Due to the proper services, no major complaints from the public have been registered yet, he claimed.

Muhammad Zahid Arsalan, a representative of the Punjab food department for the Ramazan bazaar told Bol News that checking the quality of the items besides supplying them as per the allocated quota are the major tasks.

Mian Pervaiz Iqbal, a Civil Defence official, said that everyone is being thoroughly checked to ensure security.

A shopper at the bazaar said that the quality of the utility items is good and the prices are a little less than what is being charged in the open market.

Munir, another shopper, said there is a clear difference between the prices of items on the Market Committee’s stall and the prices of the items on other stalls. Although it is a good initiative, but the variety and the quantity should be increased and enhanced on the market stalls so that people can avail more subsidy on multiple items from government stalls, he suggested.

The government stalls set up by the Market Committee are only offering limited variety of items in which various other items should be included, he further suggested.




Shopper Ambreen while complaining about the prices of cooking oil at the bazaar said the price of ordinary cooking oil is the same as the price of imported cooking oil which should not be the case. Bol News raised this concern with the authorities and stall owners and they claimed that “The government is giving relief to companies from Rs10 to Rs20 on all utility items except the cooking oil and ghee, and this is the reason why the price of the commodities stays constant with the general market price”.

While sharing her experience of visiting the Ramazan bazaar Naveen said it is satisfying to find all the things you need under one roof. It saves time and money. The prices of the items are comparatively better than the general market, she said.

Bol News also spoke to the owners of different stalls to check the difference between the prices of the items available at the bazaar’s stalls as compared to the open market. According to the list shared by the stall owners, it was found that the prices of items such as soft drinks, dates, gram flour, daal, dates, tea, common drinks, spices, etc were lesser than the price of the commodities in the general market.



photos: Mohsin Raza/Bol News


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