Worldwide celebrations of 83rd Pakistan Day

Worldwide celebrations of 83rd Pakistan Day

Worldwide celebrations of 83rd Pakistan Day

Worldwide celebrations of 83rd Pakistan Day

  • Pakistan resolution was passed on 23rd March.
  • 23rd march is celebrated as a public holiday.
  • Pakistanis around the world celebrate this day with zeal and enthusiasm.

Pakistan Day, a national commemoration of the Lahore Resolution, also known as Pakistan Resolution, which was unanimously passed on the 23rd of March, 1940 at Minto Park Lahore, has been celebrated in Pakistan as a public holiday.

Seven years after this strong resolve to have a separate homeland, Pakistan was established on the 14th of August 1947.

This year, like every year, the celebration of Pakistan Day was observed worldwide.

Let’s have a look,

Pakistan Day celebration in Oman

In Oman Muscat, the Embassy of Pakistan organized a grand ceremony to commemorate Pakistan Day at the Dr. Abdul Qadir Hall of Pakistan School.


Ameer Hamza, the Chairman of the Pakistan School System, and Ambassador Ali Imran Chaudhry of Pakistan graced the event as special guests of the embassy staff. The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by the attendees. Afterward, the school children enthusiastically sang national songs and creatively depicted the history of the establishment of Pakistan.

The event highlighted the love, hard work, and sacrifices of the Pakistani forefathers. It also emphasized the importance of sincerity, unity, brotherhood, and national unity as we face critical times today.

Distinguished teachers of the school were also recognized and awarded certificates of appreciation as a way of commemorating their hard work and dedication. Paintings made by children on the history of Pakistan were exhibited, and the children were given certificates for their excellent performance.

This event was a demonstration of national unity and pride that celebrated the establishment of Pakistan in a unique and inspiring way.

Celebration at the Embassy of Pakistan in Kuwait

The Embassy of Pakistan in Kuwait held a grand celebration in honor of Pakistan Day, according to a report by Bol News.


The event was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs Sameh Isa Hayat, Kuwaiti dignitaries, and diplomats from various countries, as well as a large number of Pakistani community members from all walks of life.

Children from Pakistani schools delighted the audience with traditional dances representing the country’s provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan.

A documentary highlighting the 60-year diplomatic relationship between Kuwait and Pakistan was also presented.

Ambassador of Pakistan Malik Muhammad Farooq emphasized the strong relations between the two countries “not only at the government level but also at the public level,” he further emphasized the important role Pakistani citizens play in the development of Kuwait.

Attendees were treated to a variety of Pakistani dishes and a special friendship cake was shared. This celebration showcased the successes of Pakistan in fields such as science, technology, art, medicine, and philanthropy, making it a remarkable event.

Celebration at Glasgow


Glasgow was buzzing with excitement as Pakistan Social Club hosted a prestigious ceremony at a local hotel. Political and social elites from all over Scotland showed up in full force to participate in this grand event.

According to a report by Bol News, it was one of the most engaging and memorable ceremonies in recent times.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of many well-known personalities, including the General Council of Pakistan Scotland, Mr. Syed Zahid Raza Sahib, who was the special guest of honor. The Chairman of Pakistan Social Club, Captain Farid Ansari, presented him with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Renowned religious scholar, Mr. Maulana Syed Saqlain Sahib, recited a heartfelt prayer for the development and prosperity of Pakistan.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly when the General Council of Pakistan, Mr. Syed Raza, cut the cake to mark the celebrations.

He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all the guests who had taken out the time to attend this special event.

The atmosphere was electric, and everyone was filled with a sense of pride for their country.


Pakistan Day celebration in London

Pakistan House in London was abuzz with excitement as High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmed Khan hosted the Pakistan National Day ceremony.

The event drew more than 400 guests from all walks of life, including Labor Party Deputy Leader and Shadow First Secretary of State Angela Rayner, British parliamentarians, diplomats, senior civil and military representatives, mayors, councilors, prominent members of the Pakistani community, and British friends of Pakistan.

The chief guest of the event was none other than British Minister for the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and the United Nations, Lord Tariq Ahmed, representing the UK government.

In his speech, High Commissioner Khan took the opportunity to highlight the importance of the Pakistan Resolution, which led to the creation of Pakistan and paid tribute to the visionary leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

While discussing the challenges facing Pakistan, he emphasized the nation’s determination to overcome the COVID-19 epidemic and the climate change-induced floods that have ravaged the country.


The High Commissioner also reiterated Pakistan’s status as a key emerging power and a pillar of regional and global stability and security.

The evening was not without a moment of reflection as High Commissioner Khan paid tribute to the people of India’s illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir for their sacrifices. He used the occasion to urge the international community to stop discriminating against Kashmiris and protect their human rights.

British Minister Lord Ahmed also took the opportunity to express the British government’s good wishes for the people of Pakistan, citing March 23 as the day when the dream of making Pakistan became a reality. He praised Quaid-e-Azam’s vision of one nation, one Pakistan with equal opportunities for all, and appreciated the spirit of ordinary Pakistanis who came together to help those most in need during last year’s devastating floods.

Lord Ahmed went on to commend the positive influence of British Pakistanis, stating that overseas Pakistanis have made the relationship between Pakistan and Great Britain special.

The event was jointly sponsored by United Bank Limited and Rangoonwala Foundation, adding to the celebration and camaraderie among the guests.

The Pakistan National Day ceremony at Pakistan House in London was a resounding success and a testament to the strong and stable relationship between Pakistan and the United Kingdom.


Pakistan day celebration in Dubai

On the joyous occasion of Pakistan Day, the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai organized a mega event, attracting scores of Pakistanis and diplomats alike.

The Dubai Police Band added excitement to the already charged-up atmosphere by playing heart-throbbing national songs as well as the National Anthem.

The Consul General of Pakistan in Dubai, Hassan Afzal Khan, in his keynote address, underscored the significance of marking this auspicious day that commemorates the Lahore Resolution. He emphasized how this historic resolution paved the way to sovereignty and independence for the Muslims of the subcontinent and recalled the visionary leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Ambassador of Pakistan, Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, graced the occasion by cutting a Pakistan Day cake while special prayers were offered for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

Bol News reported this spirited event, which captured the true essence of Pakistan’s energetic and vibrant community.


Pakistan day celebration in Chicago

The Coalition of Pakistani Organizations Chicago pulled off a spectacular event to commemorate Pakistan Day on March 23, Bol News reports.

The ceremony saw Consul General Chicago Tariq Karim take center stage as chief guest, while the daunting task of organizing the event was carried out flawlessly by Wajiha Shah and Ahmed Shah.

Several dignitaries from the Coalition, including Raja Yaqub, Sen Chauhan, Mian Saqlain, Ali Bakhtiari, and Sohail Mirza gave soul-stirring speeches on the resolution of Pakistan

Amidst the festivities, Ahmad Shah tested the knowledge of youngsters with questions and answers on Pakistan Day.

The high point of the evening was undoubtedly Asif Siddiqui’s stirring renditions of national songs, which had the entire hall reverberating with chanting of Pakistan Zindabad.


The evening closed out with well-deserved prizes awarded to winners of the Naat-Qirat and Pakistan Quiz competitions, making for a truly unforgettable celebration of Pakistan Day.

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