Russian station explosion
Russian station explosion leaves 27 dead & more than 100 injured

A powerful explosion followed by a fire at a filling station in the capital city of the Republic of Dagestan...

Google Pixel Fold's speakers offer Spatial Audio
Google Pixel Fold’s speakers offer Spatial Audio
Russian Fighter Jet Crash in Kaliningrad Kills Two
Russian Fighter Jet Crash in Kaliningrad Kills Two
Chindata to go private in $3.16 billion deal with Bain Capital
Chindata to go private in $3.16 billion deal with Bain Capital
AI MrBeast goes viral, fans can't believe their eyes!
AI MrBeast goes viral, fans can’t believe their eyes!
AI MrBeast
AI MrBeast: Unveiling a Digital Doppelganger
Sergiev Posad
52 people injured in factory explosion in Sergiev Posad
YouTube now offers enhanced 1080p video quality on PC
YouTube now offers enhanced 1080p video quality on PC
Russia to evacuate village for launch of first lunar landing mission in 50 years
Russia to evacuate village for launch of first lunar landing mission in 50 years
Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Rising Tensions: Russia-Ukraine Conflict Escalates
Zelenskyy honors troops in Bakhmut on military holiday
Zelenskyy honors troops in Bakhmut on military holiday
Damascus Shiite shrine attack
Daesh takes responsibility for attack near Damascus Shiite shrine
Russia's Taganrog
Russia’s Taganrog rocked by missile blast, 15 injured
Presidential guard chief Tchiani
Presidential guard chief Tchiani declares himself leader of Niger
Russian Drone Attack
Russian Drone Attack Targets Ukrainian Grain Warehouses
Pro-War Putin
Pro-War Putin Critic and Nationalist Girkin Detained in Moscow
Swedish embassy Baghdad Quran sacrilege
Swedish embassy in Baghdad set on fire over Quran sacrilege
Crimea Bridge Russian supply line
Crimea Bridge: Russian supply line damaged two died amid reports of explosions
Crimean Bridge traffic explosions
Crimean Bridge traffic suspended, reports of explosions
Russia continues to shell Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia, killing 1 and wounding 8
Russia continues to shell Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia, killing 1 and wounding 8
Ukraine Russia War: Russia claims to have shot down 7 Ukrainian drones over Sevastopol
Ukraine Russia War: Russia claims to have shot down 7 Ukrainian drones over Sevastopol
Russian Attack
Tragedy in Lviv: Four Lives Lost as Russian Attack Targets Apartment Building
Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron considers banning social media to reduce violence
Kursk Belgorod
Ukraine disputes areas of Kursk and Belgorod in Russia
Russia Moscow Ukraine
Russia labels drone attacks on Moscow by Ukraine as terrorism
Zelenskyy visits front lines in Ukrainian region of Kherson
missile strike
At least 1 killed and dozen injured after missile strike
King Charles
King Charles may face protestors on France visit
Ukraine to charge
Ukraine to charge Kharkiv’s former security chief with treason
Ukraine: International arrest warrant should be complied with
Wagner announces plans to recruit 30,000 fighters by mid-May
High casualties recorded during battle for Bakhmut
Severe casualties are reported as battle for Bakhmut rages
Russian wives and mothers call on Putin
We are fighting to make sure there is no disgrace, says Prigozhin
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Ten areas targeted by Russian missiles, says Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Russia's defense minister
Russia’s defense minister pays a rare visit to combatants
Ukraine orders some people to leave Kupiansk
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin accuses Ukraine of border attack
Putin blames Ukraine of border ‘terrorist act’ in Russian village
Ukrainian armed group crossed Russian border, claims Russia
Russian military
Russian military plane blown up near Minsk: Belarusian partisans
At least 33 died in southern Italy as a result of a migrant shipwreck
Russia’s UN ambassador accused the West of arm twisting to isolate Moscow
Russia warns the West against threatening its troops in breakaway Moldovan province
Medvedev of Russia proposes to push Poland’s boundaries
Waheeda Rehman
Waheeda Rehman once said to C Rajagopalachari, “Musalman ladki Bharatnatyam kar rahi hai”
At least one wounded after Russian missile attack
Ukrainian strikes target Russian bases in occupied Mariupol
Wagner is now receiving ammunition for Ukraine war, says Prigozhin
Dilip Kumar
Madhubala met Dilip Kumar one last time after his wedding to Saira
Russia attacks Kharkiv with S-300 missiles, Two civilians injured
Ukraine’s schools will go online as a consequence of fresh Russian attacks
Putin pulls back from the United States’ only surviving nuclear weapons control treaty
WhatsApp now Offers Picture-in-Picture calls for ios
Nord Stream
Moscow has once again urged Sweden to share the conclusions of the Nord Stream 2 investigation
WhatsApp calls
WhatsApp has introduced picture-in-picture calls on iOS
Meta to test monthly subscription service priced at $11.99
Russia launches missiles from Black Sea, says Kyiv
Shehzada movie leaked online – Another blow for Filmmakers
Russian strikes
Russian strikes killed 5 civilians near besieged eastern Bakhmut
Ukrainian power company workers
Ukrainian power company workers injured in airstrikes on a city in the Kharkiv region
Russia launches new missile attacks in response to NATO’s increased backing for Ukraine
NATO should hold emergency summit over Nord Stream blasts, says Russia
Ukraine forces hold frontline in Donetsk, Kyiv’s top military commander says
Help first, don't criticise
Help first, don’t criticise
Ethiopia restricts social media as church rift turns violent
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s king offers condolences over earthquake losses
Governor of Russia’s Kaluga region reports drone explosion
Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Greece offer aid for Turkey, Syria
Oleksii Reznikov
Oleksii Reznikov to be replaced by new Ukraine defense minister
WhatsApp will soon include pinned messages & call shortcuts
Car accident causes power outages in Odesa
Russian missiles continue to target Kramatorsk
Ukraine authorities conducts nationwide anti corruption searches
Russian airborne units joined Wagner fighters, says Zhorin
Students detained, pelted with stones
russian forces
Russian forces advances in Bakhmut, Ukraine says fighting fierce
Reports: Germany will send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine
Top Ukrainian officials
Top Ukrainian officials resigned in an effort to fight corruption
Syrian air base
Syrian air base restoration completed for joint use by Russia, Syria
Boris Johnson
UK: Former PM Boris Johnson visits Ukraine
Helicopter crash
Ukraine honours minister, officials killed in helicopter crash
WhatsApp new feature
WhatsApp new feature for Android will improve photo quality
Oliver Lewin
Engineer Oliver Lewin jailed over TV and radio mast terror plot
Brovary helicopter crash
Ukraine interior minister and 16 killed in helicopter crash
Zelensky’s advisor resigned after a missile hit a building in Dnipro
At least five dead after Dnipro strike, claims governor
Rishi Sunak
UK has “ambition” to send tanks to Ukraine, says Rishi Sunak
Russian group
Body of missing British aid worker found, claims Russian group
Australia- No public memorial for George Pell
foreign ministry
Deadly suicide explosion outside the foreign ministry – Afghanistan
Sergei Surovikin
Sergei Surovikin removed as commander of Ukraine invasion force
1200 protestors arrested
Brazil protests: Over 1200 protestors arrested in lieu of vandalism in Brasilia
Ukraine claims hundreds of Russian troops killed in strike
Separatist leader visits injured Russian troops in Makiivka
Russia attributes a missile attack to soldiers using their phones
Kherson region shellings
Nearly 80 shellings in Kherson region on Monday: Ukrainian official
Russia plans to ‘exhaust’ Ukraine with prolonged attacks
Ukraine claims missiles attack killed hundreds of Russians
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