WhatsApp will soon get new camera and photo editing features

WhatsApp is developing multiple features at the same time. WhatsApp intends to expand the photo editing tool's text editing capabilities....

WhatsApp to let you set Voice Notes As A Status
WhatsApp group
WhatsApp introduces new shortcuts for group admins on iOS
WhatsApp Will Soon Allow You to Upload High-Quality Images
WhatsApp new feature
WhatsApp new feature for Android will improve photo quality
WhatsApp fined €5.5 million for GDPR violations
WhatsApp voice status
WhatsApp starts testing new feature, voice recordings as status updates
WhatsApp new features
WhatsApp will soon include new camera modes, blocking shortcut
WhatsApp users can block someone directly from their alerts
What new functionality has WhatsApp unveiled for its users?
WhatsApp new feature
WhatsApp users may now undo accidental ‘delete for me’ feature
Ramiz Raja PJL MOU
Ramiz Raja shared WhatsApp screenshots of PJL MOU
Here’s how to use WhatsApp Self-Message Feature
After December 31, WhatsApp won’t function on these smartphones
Joe Alwyn
Joe Alwyn and Paul Mescal gives insights into their WhatsApp group chat
WhatsApp video chats
WhatsApp will add picture-in-picture for iPhone video chats
WhatsApp adds search by contact name for recent groups
WhatsApp is working on Snapchat-style view-once messages
WhatsApp 3D profile images
WhatsApp users can now enjoy 3D profile images and stickers
Whatsapp's New Feature 'Message Yourself' available in Pakistan
Whatsapp’s New Feature ‘Message Yourself’ available in Pakistan
BOL Bana Awam Ki Awaz | If you Have Any Complain Send Your video To Our WhatsApp | Breaking News
WhatsApp is adding dozens of new emojis
WhatsApp is Adding Unicode 15 more emoji
WhatsApp is Adding Unicode 15 more emoji
WhatsApp desktop status updates
WhatsApp Desktop users can access status updates from chat records
Whatsapp Data Leak | What Should You Do Next? | Breaking News
WhatsApp Isn't as Secure as You Think: Report
WhatsApp Isn’t as Secure as You Think: Report
WhatsApp proactively ban 8.1m Indian users over 23m accounts
WhatsApp 500M user data breach has become a Twitter meme
WhatsApp is going to introduce a screen lock for web users
WhatsApp is going to introduce a screen lock for web users
WhatsApp introduced feature that allows users to find, message, and buy 
WhatsApp Community and Group
Difference between WhatsApp Community and Group
WhatsApp Android beta companion
WhatsApp is introducing Android beta with mobile companion
WhatsApp Launches Communities Feature, Increasing Group Capacity to 1024 Users
Whatsapp Down
Whatsapp Down memes trends on Twitter after the app stops working globally
WhatsApp is now operational after a global outage
WhatsApp commenced its operation nearly an hour later
WhatsApp is down, users unable to send or receive messages
WhatsApp Edit Sent Messages
WhatsApp Now Allows Users to Edit Sent Messages on Android
WhatsApp edit messages
WhatsApp users will be able to edit sent messages
WhatsApp speed up voice notes
WhatsApp Windows beta users can speed up voice notes
WhatsApp label
WhatsApp will add new feature that will display label after you edit message
fake WhatsApp
“YoWhatsApp” is fake WhatsApp that steals account keys
WhatsApp increase group size
WhatsApp to increase group size to 1024 soon
WhatsApp Windows
Pakistan’s WhatsApp Windows App Upgraded
WhatsApp label
WhatsApp wants to add new features to its groups section
WhatsApp premium
WhatsApp starts charging businesses for subscriptions
Telegram founder
Telegram founder urges users to delete WhatsApp after security flaw
WhatsApp Screenshot
WhatsApp won’t let you to take screenshots anymore
WhatsApp privacy feature
WhatsApp adds a new privacy feature for Android users
WhatsApp screenshots
WhatsApp now blocks screenshots for view once images and videos
WhatsApp polls feature
WhatsApp new Android beta build includes a polls feature
WhatsApp deleted messages
WhatsApp tips: How to read deleted WhatsApp messages
Whatsapp Users
WhatsApp Users can now exit group without anyone knowing
WhatsApp video calls
WhatsApp now allows users to send each other links to video calls
WhatsApp Call Links
Call Links on WhatsApp are easiest way to join a call
WhatsApp updates
WhatsApp is adding voice messages to status updates
WhatsApp beta companion mode
New WhatsApp beta adds Android companion mode
WhatsApp to allow tablet pairing
WhatsApp to allow tablet pairing as secondary devices soon
Mahsa Amini
Iran blocks WhatsApp and Instagram as Mahsa Amini demonstrations intensify
WhatsApp short film
WhatsApp to release its first original short film
WhatsApp to allow users to hide ‘online’ status for specific contacts
WhatsApp to allow users to hide ‘online’ status for specific contacts
WhatsApp to release its first original film
WhatsApp to release its first original film
WhatsApp messages
Find WhatsApp messages now by date. Here’s how to go about it
WhatsApp iPhone Camera Shortcut
WhatsApp Is Developing iPhone Camera Shortcut
WhatsApp camera shortcut
WhatsApp will soon launch a new camera shortcut for iPhone users
iphone WhatsApp
WhatsApp will be unavailable on some iPhone devices as of Oct 24
WhatsApp new feature
WhatsApp’s new feature allows you to limit data your company can access
WhatsApp to no longer function on iPhone 5 5c
WhatsApp to no longer function on iPhone 5, 5c
Here is how you can hide your online status on WhatsApp
WhatsApp bans over 2.4 million Indian accounts
WhatsApp bans over 2.4 million Indian accounts
WhatsApp to get new convenient feature soon
WhatsApp to get new convenient feature soon
WhatsApp groups
Major updates are being made to WhatsApp groups
Whatsapp might save relationships
Whatsapp might save relationships: Study
Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle’s ex-staff have WhatsApp group called Sussex Survivors
WhatsApp's new chat feature
WhatsApp’s new chat feature saves time
whatsapp chat list
WhatsApp for iOS developing story-like new features for chat list
whatsapp deleted texts
WhatsApp new ‘Undo’ feature recovers accidentally deleted texts
WhatsApp to allow restoring deleted messages
WhatsApp to allow restoring deleted messages soon
WhatsApp's crackdown on banks
WhatsApp’s crackdown on banks alarms asset managers
whatsapp desktop app
WhatsApp new desktop app for Windows users is now available
Urfi Javed
Urfi Javed shares WhatsApp screenshots of a man asking for video
WhatsApp for iOS stable channel rolls out unread chat filter
WhatsApp users can now depart a group discussion secretly
whatsapp delete messages
WhatsApp now gives you two days after sending messages to delete it
WhatsApp will discontinue displaying your online status to the public  
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg announced new WhatsApp privacy features
WhatsApp testing new log that will show who left group chats
WhatsApp group
WhatsApp may soon show past group members
GB WhatsApp
GB WhatsApp: What is it? Is using it safe?
WhatsApp Group admins
WhatsApp Group admins will soon get a huge overhaul
Atif Aslam
Atif Aslam Wins Fans’ Hearts With Live WhatsApp Calls
WhatsApp messages
WhatsApp is testing a feature that “keeps” messages that have been deleted
WhatsApp will soon be able to display the history of group chats
WhatsApp status
WhatsApp users will be able to hide their ‘Last Seen’ & ‘Online’ status soon
WhatsApp now supports iOS-to-Android chat transfers
WhatsApp chats may now be transferred from Android to iOS
WhatsApp tests Android and iOS video call avatars
WhatsApp warns users against using fake or tampered versions
WhatsApp Desktop is Obtaining Quick Replies
WhatsApp status
WhatsApp will allow voice notes in status updates
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