PM inaugurates health program for specially abled persons

Shiraz ShaikhWeb Editor

17th Aug, 2019. 07:29 pm
PM inaugurates health program

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates health program for specially abled person.

While addressing the inauguration ceremony PM said that there is a need to unite organization working for the poor. This way it will become possible to help those in need particularly poor people that are living under the poverty line.

PM said that through health card we will try to help the poor people in getting proper health facilities.

From now on before every federal cabinet meeting every ministry will give recommendation that how they can work towards betterment of the poor people, PM added.

PM also said that Pakistan has drifted away from the vision it was created upon. Pakistan was created on the vision of State of Medina. State of Medina is the model state for us where humanity and justice prevailed.

Pakistan was not created to become the Asian tigers but if we work towards the vision of State of Medina we can achieve great success. The country should be based upon humanity, justice and caring within the society, he added.

During the ceremony PM also distributed health cards among the poor and needy people. PM also said that through this health card poor and needy people can avail up to Rs0.7 million in health facilities around the country.

Previously, PM also introduced “Ehsaas” program for the needy and poor people.  Imran Khan’s “Ehsaas” program is based on his vision of State of Medina.

While talking about state of Medina, Imran Khan further said that our holy Prophet emphasized the necessity of justice and care as important factors of a civilized nation.

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