PM to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day in Muzaffarabad

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

14th Aug, 2019. 01:32 pm
Imran Khan's message on Independence

Prime Minister Imran Khan on the occasion of Independence Day and Solidarity Kashmir said that we were with Kashmiris, are with us and will always be together.

Imran Khan said in a message that our ancestors made immense sacrifices for the protection of religious, cultural and social values, all must play their role to make Pakistan a developed, prosperous country.

The Prime Minister said that the challenges faced by the country can be overcome by making the rules of the Quaid-e-Azam a torch.

They also paid tribute to those who guarded the country’s ideological and geographical borders.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that today we are saddened by the plight of our brothers in occupied Kashmir and will continue to provide political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir.

He said that recent Indian initiatives reinforced the two-nation ideology of our ancestors.

It should be noted that freedom of expression is being celebrated across the country as a solidarity with Kashmiris.

On Independence Day, the day began with the salvo of artillery.

Independence Day in the Federal capital Islamabad started with 31 artillery and 21, 21 artillery in the provincial capitals.

Special prayers were also made for the security and solidarity of the country.

The main flag hoisting ceremony will be held in Islamabad on Independence Day.

The flag of Kashmir will be hoisted along with the national flag for solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, to address solidarity with Kashmiris and will also address the Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir.

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