Yasin Malik is being tortured, put on slow death trail in jail: Mushal Malik

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

04th Aug, 2019. 09:14 pm
Mushaal Malik speaks about her husband Yasin Malik in Tihar jail

Wife of detained Hurriyat leader Mohammad Yasin Malik, Mushaal Mullick demanded world powers and human right organizations to take notice of her husband’s fast deteriorating health in the notorious Tihar Jail for raising voice against atrocities unleashed by Indian authorities in the occupied valley.

The Peace and Culture Organization chairperson said that Yasin Malik has been in solitary confinement for the last four months, strengthening the perception that unspoken orders to inflict miseries on Yasin have been given to Tihar Jail authorities so that he may die a slow and painful death.

She appealed that everyone with a conscience and empathy should speak against this undemocratic, inhumane and tyrannical attitude of the Indian authorities so her husband’s life may be saved.

“His sole crime was to fight for the right of self-determination of Kashmiri people for which he being made to suffer a slow death trail,” she said.

Mushaal said that being a heart patient, Yasin suffers from certain serious ailments related to vital organs of his body including both his kidneys and needs certain life-saving drugs which he was not allowed to take in jail.

“Despite his medical issues, Yasin is not being provided with any medical facility by the court,” she lamented while adding that he should be given bail if he is not being provided with the necessary medical care he needs.

Talking about US President Donald Trump’s offer of mediation between Pakistan and India to resolve the long-standing Kashmir dispute, she said the Indian authorities should take advantage of the offer so as to resolve the issue politically and peacefully.

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