Always consult IAF before talking about AJK, DG ISPR warns India

By Anum Rizwan - Web Editor - BOL News

12th September, 2019

Always consult IAF before talking about AJK, DG ISPR warns India

Thursday 12th September, 2019

Director General ISPR Major Asif Ghafoor has reponded to Indian Union Minister Jitendra Singh’s statement of occupying Azad Kashmir (AJK) after imposing Article 370 via his twitter, that India should always consult Indian Airforce before talking about such agendas.

DG ISPR further added that as regard to article 370 and siege, what Indian couldn’t suppress through overt & covert physical efforts for 72 years, this paper work can’t do that either.

“You shall see the just struggle succeeding. IA”, he added.

Earlier this month, posters with Pakistani military’s spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor’s picture and the message, “fight till the last soldiers and the last bullet”, popped up on all major roads and streets of Indian occupied Kashmir.

According to reports, the streets and all major roads in the disputed valley which were showing up the posters carrying the picture of Pakistan’s military official and a message of solidarity with the innocent Kashmiris triggered Indian media.

According to the Analysts, People of occupied Kashmir consider DG ISPR’s tweet as “Life Line”.

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