Indian aggression leads to extremism: PM Khan

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

28th Sep, 2019. 10:04 am
74th UNGA session

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that terrorism has nothing to do with any religion.

While addressing the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday the Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it’s an honor for him to represent Pakistan in the UNGA forum and his speech was based on 4 point agenda.

Climate Change

The first concern addressed by Prime Minister Imran in his speech was climate change.

He said that “so many leaders spoke about climate change but I feel there is a lack of seriousness to tackle the issue.

He noted that Pakistan is in the top ten list of countries who are most affected by climate change.

He further said “In my country where I came into power in KP we planted one billion trees and plan to plant 10bn to counter global warming effects.”

“One country cannot do anything, it has to be a combined effort of the world,” He added.

Money laundering and rich-poor gap

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the second issue is even more critical that of illegal financial flows.

The Prime minister said that the seriousness with which money from drugs or terror financing is treated by western world is not accorded to money laundered from poor countries.

He said “Our country was plundered by the ruling elite. And they could easily get their money out. And when we locate properties in western capitals bought by this money through corruption and money laundering by these corrupt leaders, we find it so difficult to retrieve it.”

If the money was retrieved it could be spent on human development, he added.


The Prime minister said that certain western leaders equated Islam with terrorism and it started after 9/11.

Premier also questioned the use of the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ and said there is only one Islam which Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) taught us.

He further added that “radical Islamic terrorism” used by leaders has caused Islamophobia and also has caused pain for Muslims.

Talking about Kashmir, he said that Indian atrocities increase extremism and he accuses Pakistan, he will do so in future.

Kashmir Issue

The core issue which the Premier talked in most detail about was the persecution which the people of occupied Kashmir are facing.

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