Indian media lauds PM Imran’s low-budget US visit

Anum RizwanWeb Editor

25th Sep, 2019. 02:22 pm

Indian media is abuzz lauding Prime Minister Imran Khan’s lowkey visit to United States of America.

According to details, an Indian newspaper “India Today” published an article lauding Prime Minister’s measures to cut off the extra expenses in order to stabilize the economy.

“Imran Khan is presiding over a government that is battling to save the country from economic breakdown. To gain people’s trust, Imran Khan earlier this year directed his cabinet to fully implement austerity measures and adopt a simple lifestyle so that the ministers are not seen as living an opulent life while the people are suffering.”

Article further highlighted that the previous Pakistani government had allocated Rs 1.10 billion for the Prime Minister’s House. Although, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government brought it down to Rs 750 million out of it – a saving of 32 per cent.

During his July US visit, Imran Khan had taken a commercial airline instead of a chartered plane, as was the norm with previous state visits by top Pakistani leaders. He had even stayed at the official residence of Pakistan’s ambassador to the US instead of occupying a luxury hotel.

Indian media lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan for his efforts to save the country from economic breakdown.

According to a statement issued earlier, Imran Khan’s US visit cost just one-eighth of the expense incurred on the 2013 US visit by Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister of the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan reached the United States onboard the special aircraft of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman on a week-long visit to attend the UN General Assembly session and be part of a host of other activities, including a meeting President Donald Trump.

On September 19, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan met Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman over his special invitation to talk about India’s illegal developments.

According to reports, Saudi Crown Prince not only stopped Prime Minister Imran from going to the US on a commercial aircraft, he also arranged a special plane for the First Lady, Bushra Bibi, to return to Pakistan.

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