Key accused Adil Zaman arrested in Mureed Abbas murder case

Ubaid Shah Reporter

09th Oct, 2019. 07:22 pm
Mureed Abbas murder case

A Prime suspect of the high profile twin murder case of Bol news anchorperson Mureed Abbas and Khizar Hayat has been arrested by the Karachi police.

According to the details, SSP Tariq Razzak Dharejo said after the arrest that the accused Adil Zaman was arrested by the investigating authorities in Karachi, Adil was wanted by the police in the Mureed Abbas murder case.

The main accused Atif Zaman in the murder of Mureed Abbas, contacted the family of the deceased Mureed Abbas for settlement.

According to the details, accused Atif Zaman has twice tried to contact Mureed’s family through various sources.

The accused Atif Zaman is suffocating behind the bars, while the accused Atif Zaman’s lawyer Shafqat Tanoli has also been contacted Mureed Abbas’s Family.

Accused Atif Zaman has taken the stand that he is repenting on his act and he wants to talk with family of Mareed Abbas.

On the other hand, the wife of the deceased Mureed Abbas, Zara Abbas, has categorically refused to reconcile with the accused, and said that whoever tries to reconcile will have over my dead body.

Zara Abbas further said that justice is expected from the courts, she will fight the case and cannot even think of settlement.

Earlier the Anti-terrorism court has issued Non-bail arrest warrants for runaway Adil Zaman and has ordered to Adil Zaman to be present in court on Sept 02.

The National Accountability Bureau will be investigating the alleged financial scam of over Rs1 billion in the murder case of news anchor Mureed Abbas.

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