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Muslims are suffering due to lack of education: PM Imran

Anum RizwanWeb Editor

02nd Oct, 2019. 04:49 pm
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While addressing an event, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Muslims are suffering all over the world because of lack of education and awareness.

According to details, Prime Minister addressed ceremonies held at Madarasas and distributed rewards among the students. During the ceremonies, Prime Minister emphasized on education saying that our Prophet PBUH’s preaching highlighted the importance of education.

Muslims took over the world with the power of knowledge instead of swords, he said.

He further added that lack of education has become a major reason of the downfall of the Muslim world. 700 year back, all of the renowned scientists and researchers were Muslims.

While addressing the event, he said that we have decided to jointly set up a TV channel with Malaysia and Turkey, which will broadcast films on the lives of heroes like Khalid Bin Waleed to educate our youth with Islamic history.

Prophet PBUH placed a high value on education and education is the only important channel through which Muslims can create a universal and cohesive social order, PM said.

He also emphasized on the importance of Iqbal’s philosophy and urged the youth to read his writings and philosophies.

The purpose of education should not be to earn money only. Religion and knowledge altogether will be the reason of success, said Prime Minister Imran Khan during his addression.

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