Occupied Kashmir has turned into the largest prison of the planet, Imran Khan

Shahbaz Ahmed Reporter

27th Oct, 2019. 12:52 am
imran khan black day


Prime Minister Imran Khan said, the occupation of the occupied Indian army is increased.
Kashmir has become the biggest jail of the planet because of the complete media blackout for the past three months.
On the Black Day Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said in its message that Black Kashmir Day is being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan.
This year Black Day is more prominent than past.
On October 27, 1947 India occupied Jammu and Kashmir in violation of International Islamic law, Khan said
On August 5, 2019 amended the status of an already disputed area through further unilateral steps, Khan added

He further said, Pakistan, Muslims and Kashmiris clearly opposed this.
India has increased the brutalities from 25th August,2019.
Thousands have been taken into custody; thousands of youths have been kidnapped and taken to unknown places, Imran Khan said
Kashmiris are being treated as inhuman and degrading, He added
Pakistan immediately demands to remove curfew and blackout from Kashmir.

We urge the international community to respect the basic human rights of oppressed Kashmiris in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and ensure independence.
Pakistan will always stand with Kashmir, Imran Khan stated
The Prime Minister further said, Pakistan will continue its moral, political and diplomatic support for the people of occupied Kashmir.

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