We ensure the defense of our country till the last drop of blood: Gen. Zubair Mahmood

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

10th Oct, 2019. 01:05 pm
Gen Zubair Mahmood addressed the parade of PAF

Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) Chairman General Zubair Mahmood Hayat said on Thursday that Pakistan’s armed forces were fully capable, prepared and motivated to respond to any threat posed by enemies.

Gen Hayat addressed the passing out parade of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) cadets at the Asghar Khan Academy in Risalpur and stated: “We will defend our motherland with our sweat and blood and support of the nation.”

“Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and desires harmonious relations with all countries especially neighbors.” He said, however, this gesture must not be taken.

“As a nation we have rendered great human and material sacrifices for achieving peace and stability in the region.”

He mentioned that Pakistan would not compromise on national interests, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“Pakistan will not allow any country or hostile agency to misrepresent our intentions or actions,” he added.

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee said Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state and has noted the pronouncements from the eastern border indicating possible changes in policy and posture in various aspects of nuclear domain.

He said Pakistan has kept a close eye on the strategic force development and deployment of the ballistic missile defense.

He said Pakistan has a credible, potent, reliable and effective strategic capability which will continue to provide full range of real options to the national command authority.

He said our policy of full spectrum deterrence underpin our national strategy in this regard.

The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee said Pakistan’s strategic and nuclear program is fundamental part of our national security construct.

He said Pakistan will continue to maintain strategic balance in South Asia at all costs without indulging in the arms race.

He said Pakistan Air Force once against proved its superiority when it took the enemy by surprise.

He appreciated the PAF for shooting down the two aircraft of the enemy in the dogfight and arresting one of the pilots.

The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee said there can be no lasting peace in South Asia without the just settlement of Kashmir dispute.

He said Pakistan rejects forceful annexation of occupied Kashmir by India.

This is illegal and not acceptable to Kashmiris or Pakistan.

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