Pakistan CAA traffic controller saves Indian flight from major catastrophe

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

15th Nov, 2019. 10:02 pm
Pakistan CAA traffic controller saves Indian flight

An air traffic controller from Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority saved an international flight from the Indian city of Jaipur to Muscat Oman by guiding it through air traffic out of an emergency.

According to details, an international flight, carrying 150 passengers flew from Jaipur to Muscat, was flying over the Karachi region when got stuck in the middle of a weather pattern weather pattern with lots of lightning.

The airplane dropped down from an altitude of 36,000 feet to 34,000 feet almost instantly following the lightning strikes. As a result, the pilot initiated standard emergency protocol and broadcast ‘Mayday’ to nearby stations.

An air traffic controller from Pakistan returned the call of the captain of the plane and and carefully guided the plane out of the emergency despite the dense air traffic in the vicinity.

The plane safely maneuvered through the dense fog. Aviation experts say that even a minor mistake in such a situation could have proved disaster.

It is pertinent to mention here Sindh is receiving heavy rains at least 14 people, including six women, were killed as a result of lightning incident during the rains, while 10 people were injured in a lightning strike in 24 hours.

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