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People are demanding tomatoes in dowries, Siraj ul Haq

Imdad Soomro Reporter

22nd Nov, 2019. 10:15 pm
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siraj ul haq

Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Sirajul Haq has said that tomatoes have now become gold, People are demanding tomatoes in dowries.
According to the details, Chief of Jamat e Islami Senator Siraj ul Haq addressed in a free Kashmir rally, he said, Tomato prices have become like gold.
Tomatoes cost 17, peas 5 and helicopters cost Rs 55, The present government has defamed the Islamic State of Madinah by mocking it.
Siraj-ul-Haq said, “I am glad, I came to the city of veterans today.
I am among the tribes who have always supported the truth and today’s march is a message for cowardly rulers, Rather, the Kashmir issue is a problem of conscience and belief.
Siraj-ul-Haq also said, the leaders of Pakistan are sitting quietly with cowardice, curfew has been in force in Kashmir for 110 days.
The rulers have left Kashmir alone but we will not leave Kashmir alone, we will make Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

Kashmiris are burning, martyrs for falling in love with Pakistan, mothers are lifting bodies of jagirdars and shouting; jamat e Islami has been campaigning for the Muslims of Kashmiris since August 5.

Pakistan to import Tomatoes from Iran

Earlier, Pakistan has started to import tomatoes with Iran to tackle the ongoing shortage in the country.

The government has now granted seven companies in Quetta permits to import 4,500 tons of tomatoes from Iran for three to four weeks.

Tomato prices shot up to Rs 400 per kilo in Karachi after a shortage developed due to excess rain in Sindh destroying a majority of the tomato fields.

Iranian tomatoes will begin entering the market from today and prices are expected to drop.

The issue became a hot topic as consumers were horrified by the exorbitant prices, this also has gone viral on social media,



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