PM Imran Khan’s Ex-Wife issued apology by a private tv channel

By Arhama Altaf - Web Editor

13th November, 2019

Broadcast journalist and the former spouse of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Reham Khan, won damages and was issued an apology by a private television channel after pursuing a libel case against it in the United Kingdom (UK) High Court.

Reham Khan through her lawyer informed the UK High Court that ‘Dunya TV’ in a show aired in June 2018 had made several “very serious allegations”.

The channel in a talk show had alleged that she had colluded with her ex-husband’s political rivals in the PML-N and/or that she had accepted a substantial payment from or on behalf of its leader, Shahbaz Sharif, in return for writing her autobiography.

It had also made derogatory remarks (implying she is a prostitute) towards Ms. Khan.

The case was settled when Dunya TV informed the court that it accepted that there is no truth to this allegation, or to any of the other allegations that she complained of.

The statement, signed by the lawyers of Reham Khan and the channel, describes Dunya TV as a 24-hour news and current affairs channel which is broadcast to approximately 59,000 viewers daily in the UK.

It also says the defendant is a company incorporated in England which holds the ofcom license for broadcasting Dunya TV in the UK.

After the apology, Ms. Khan said in a statement said, “These allegations have put my life at risk and have repercussions for me for all my life. I hope that my victory and vindication serves as a catalyst for ethical journalism and honest politics in Pakistan.”

“I see this as a win for all women in Pakistan who suffer character assassination by patriarchal society”, says Reham Khan.

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