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Sister’s murder case: suspect acquitted

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

07th Dec, 2019. 08:39 am
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Father pardoned his daughter who had murdered her sister with a knife in Saoodabad, Karachi.

Father pardoned his daughter Alwina, who had murdered her sister Aleena using a knife at Saoodabad.

Alwina and her fiancé had killed Aleena in December 2017.

According to details, father of both the murderer and the killed pardoned Alwina along with her fiancée and the other two suspects. The model court of Karachi city court announced the decision after that and acquitted all the four suspects. Alwina, her fiancé Mazhar, Ahsan and Abbas were among the acquitted.

It should be remembered that Alwina, along with her fiancé, had killed her sister Aleena at Saoodabad, Karachi in December 2017. At first, Alwina had given the impression that the robbers had killed Aleena in resistance and there was nobody in their home except for both the sisters. However, the suspects revealed all the truth to the police after a few days and accepted their crime.

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