The SSGC, on the other hand, says the gas is facing a drop in pressure due to the cold.

SSGC is currently working on completing two gas pipelines that will help to mitigate the current gas demand-supply gap particularly in Karachi.

The company is presently working on completing 12” dia x 46 km line that will bring in additional 40 MMCFD gas to add on to the 35 MMCFD gas already in the system.

The second pipeline, the 8” dia. x 28 kms line will inject 23 MMCFD gas into SSGC’s system.

It must be mentioned here that the 12” dia. x 48 kms line will be commissioned by the 1st week of January 2020 and the 8” dia. x 28 kms line will come online by the 3rd week of January 2020.

Furthermore, the Sui Northern Gas (SNGPL) has also decided to temporarily discontinue gas supply to general industries and CNG Sector.

SNGPL’s View

According to SNGPL Spokesperson, gas supply to zero rated industries will not be affected by the decision.

It was further clarified that the decision taken on temporary basis owing to current situation and supply to general industries and CNG Sector will be restored as soon as the situation gets normal.