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Dogs bite Six Children in suburbs of Sukkur

Shahid Ali Bureau Head

18th Dec, 2019. 11:15 am
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At least six children hospitalized when stray dogs bit them in suburbs of Sukkur.

Six school-going children injured in a dog attack in Kandahar.

However, the children discharged shortly after treatment.

The hospital did not vaccinate the children.

Basic health unit in Sukkur said it lacks in dog bite vaccine.

The injured children include Momin, Rahim Bakhsh, Dildar Hussain, Raqia Bibi and Younis.

Earlier, a session in Sindh Assembly revealed that 630 cases reported on average per day.

Recently, a six year old bit by dog in Larkana passed away in Karachi last week.

He passed away after 27 days of treatment at NICH.

Stray Dogs attacked Hasnain in Larkana on November 15.

He is the resident of Habib Bughio area.

Doctors said he developed an infection.

Larkana residents rescued Hasnain and immediately shifted to the Chandka Medical College Hospital.

However, he was referred to Karachi.

Sindh government would soon launch a neutering programme at a cost of Rs500 million.

This initiative taken with an aim to contain the ever-growing cases of dog-bites in the province.

The Sindh’s livestock department has moved a summary to the provincial chief minister.

The project includes the establishment of the animal sanctuary.

Also training of staff who would neuter the dogs to combat dog-bites and overpopulation.

A broad scale pet sterilization advocated to decrease the animal’s overpopulation around the world.

Rabies kills around 60,000 people a year and is present in more than 150 countries.

Both Pakistan and neighboring India have this year reported shortages of rabies vaccine.

Once virus reaches the nervous system and victims start to display symptoms.

The disease is nearly always fatal.

Survival can  depend on prompt washing of the wound and vaccination after  bite.

Mostly Bitten in rural areas, the mostly infected are shifted to Karachi to seek treatment.



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