Dua Mangi gives her statement to the investigation team

By Arhama Altaf - Web Editor

11th December, 2019

Dua Nisar Mangi, who was kidnapped by four armed men from Bukhari Commercial Area in Phase 6 of Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA), gave her final statement to the police on Tuesday.

A couple of weeks ago, Dua said that she was walking with her friend Haris outside a tea hotel when two people grabbed her and put her in car.

Dua Mangi said that she heard loud noises and then heard shots getting fires.

Dua said that the kidnappers blindfolded her due to which she was unable to see them the entire time that she was held captive.


دعا منگی کا بیان قلم بند کر لیا گیا اہم انکشافات سامنے آگئے مجھے تین بار گاڑی میں کہیں لے جایا گیا تھامیری آنکھوں پر پٹیاں تھیں#BOLNews #Breaking #DuaMangi #Police #Statement

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Dua Mangi disclosed that the kidnappers changed cars three times and she couldn’t tell how much time had passed.

In her statement, Dua said that she wasn’t able to recognize her kidnappers’ voices as every time one of them brought her food, it was a different voice she heard.

The investigation team said that Dua’s statement did not bring to light any new information.

The inquiry team was composed of officers from other agencies other than police as well.

On November 30, Dua Mangi was taking a walk with her friend, Haris when 4 to 5 armed men forced the girl get in their vehicle. When her friend Haris showed resistance, they shot him and sped off with Dua.

Haris Fateh Soomro, who was shot in the neck and sustained wounds in chest, is still in critical condition in a local hospital.

Dua’s worried family and friends accompanied enraged protesters and activists to stage a sit-in at the busy Clifton junction.

They had chanted against slow progress in the case and stressed on the lax security for women in the country.

Earlier, talking to reporters, Dua’s mother told that while Dua had returned unharmed but wass severely traumatized and was taking medicines.

Her family denied to pay any ransom amount for her release.

According to police sources, Dua Mangi’s family had paid Rs1.5 million to Rs2 million ransom amount for her release.

The Police claimed that during the investigations the family did not cooperate with us and directly negotiated with the criminals on their own without involving the law enforcement agencies.

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