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Faisal Vawda referred PML-N, PPP with a boot during a live talkshow

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

15th Jan, 2020. 01:58 pm
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Faisal Vawda

Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda mocked the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) unconditional support for the Army Act amendment bill.

Faisal Vawda ridiculed the PML-N party saying the party “lying down to kiss the boot”.

The federal minister, who on a television talk show with (PPP) leader Qamar Zaman Kaira and PML-N representative Javed Abbasi startled all by placing a black boot that he had brought with him on top of the table.

“I am going to bring this [boot] to every talk show,” he said.

“This is how democratic the PML-N is. They lay down to kiss the boot,” he added.

Vawda was mocking the PML-N slogan “Vote Ko Izzat Do” by saying “Boot Ko Izzat Do.”

Faisal Vawda taunts PML-N, PPP with a boot during a talkshow

He criticized the party for deviating from its stance and lending unconditional support for the services chief’s tenure bills.

To a question, why he was criticizing the PML-N for supporting the PTI government on the Army Act bill.

Vawda said: “It was our stance. We were doing it for the Pakistani nation and we stood firm [on our stance].”

“You should have respected them from day one like we did. You talk against them, spew your hatred against them, you talk even when they lay down their lives as martyrs. Is there any shame? Any respect?”

All three bills passed in the National Assembly and the Senate last week, with the PPP also supporting the government in getting both houses of parliament to approve the constitutional amendments.

Vawda said the nation had seen the true face of the PML-N leadership.

He said the party had decided that it was ready to even “lie down and kiss the boot” when it came to saving their own corruption.

Referring to the boot, the federal minister said “it wasn’t possible that it [the boot] has been shined by human hands”.

“It cannot be shined by human hands. The limit to which they have stooped, it looks like the boot has been shined by their [the PML-N leadership] tongues,” he added.

“When it comes to your corruption or your accountability, you are ready to lie down and kiss the boot. You will stoop as low as needed.”

PPP’s Qamar Zaman objected to Vawda’s language and said the federal minister had gone too far.

He lamented how the PTI leader had dragged the armed forces into a controversy by alleging that they had pressurized the PML-N into supporting the bill.

Both the PML-N and the PPP leaders left the talkshow in protest against Vawda’s language.

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