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Wheat provided to flour mills in Punjab at subsidized rate: Firdous

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

19th Jan, 2020. 03:23 pm
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wheat flour

Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Firdous Ashiq Awan, said some elements have continued negative propaganda regarding wheat flour prices.

Firdous Ashiq said she has given the task to deal with the matter related to the artificial crisis of wheat flour in Punjab.

Firdous Ashiq addressed a press conference in Sialkot today.

She was of the view that it is necessary to stop negative propaganda.

Sindh government has not purchased wheat on time.

It is the federal government’s responsibility to provide food across the country.

Sindh government showed negligence over wheat supplies despite the federal government took the decision to provide 400,000 tons of wheat to Sindh out of which the province took 100,000 tons so far.

However, it is the failure of Sindh authorities to supply wheat to its flour mills.

“Over directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan, a fast track mechanism is being introduced and a helpline is established against the artificial crisis of flour.”

Firdous said, We will reduce flour prices through sale points.

Punjab government also initiated crackdowns against the selling of flour on increased rates, she said.

Furthermore, the federal government provides subsidy on flour to 815 mills.

Whereas, the owners need to stop selling of flour on increased rates, said Awan.

She also added that action will taken over selling 20-kilogram flour sack for more than Rs805.

“PM Imran Khan has said to take strict action against hoarders and profiteers,” said the special assistant.

She also said, “Some elements are giving a false impression that the present government would not complete its term.”

“I am giving them a clear message that the current government and its coalition partners will complete its five-year tenure.”

“The government and its coalition partners are on the same page for the prosperity and development of the nationals”, said the special assistant.

Commenting over the national economy, Awan said that the past government responsible for artificially controlling the US dollar rates.

However, the present government has prevented the national economy from bankruptcy.

PM Imran Khan orders crackdown on hoarders

Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of reports regarding an illegal rise in prices of wheat flour.

PM Imran Khan ordered a country-wide crackdown on hoarder and profiteers.

He had directed the authorities to take strict and indiscriminate action against the elements involved in illegal price hike.

Moreover, he directed the officials to take effective measures for stabilizing the rates of wheat flour.

The sources said that those involved in creating an artificial crisis of flour in the country will be dealt with iron hands.

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