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What is Coronavirus ? Covid 19 Symptoms, Coronavirus Vaccine

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

04th Feb, 2020. 04:28 pm
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You might have heard about Coronavirus as it has been spreading like a rumor throughout the world. Inevitably, it has created havoc and everyone is discussing this dreadful virus. Let’s have an in-depth overview of this deadly virus, its effects, precautions, and treatments.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a bulky family of viruses that attack the respiratory system and contains such strain that causes death. The most infected animals, including birds, cats, snakes, and bats. Its name comes from the Latin word corona, which means a crown due to the thorny fringe that encloses these viruses. However, it belongs to four families, namely Alphacoronavirus, Betacoronavirus, Gammacoronavirus and Deltacoronavirus. The Alphacoronavirus and Betacoronavirus can only infect mammals like cats, humans and bats. Conversely, Gammacorornavirus infects mostly birds, whereas, Deltacoronavirus infects both mammals and birds.

What is Coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus?

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Humans?

Coronavirus attacks the human respiratory system. Usually, it is transmitted in humans by airborne droplets of fluid formed by infected people. It was first diagnosed in Wuhan (2019-nCoV), China. There were shocking deaths, as that responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Yet it is not confirmed that from where this virus came, not found its spreading origin. Research is in the process of finding the original cause of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Symptoms

It has a variety of symptoms of Coronavirus in animals as well as in humans, which has devastating effects. Some have a bad cold stated with fever, cough, fatigue and muscular pain. As it affects severely on the lungs so short breathlessness is common if someone is affected by the virus. Most patients of Coronavirus are diagnosed with severe pneumonia as it is also a common symptom. And less common symptoms are diarrhea, headache and blood from the nose.

According to sources, 99 patients who were hospitalized had pneumonia. Also, they felt inflammation in the lungs along with tiny sacs, which resulted in oxygen getting filled with water instead of blood.

The first person died after 11 days of hospitalization, and he was 61- years old man. He had severe pneumonia and was also suffering from an acute respiratory disorder. His lungs couldn’t supply enough oxygen to his organs to keep his body alive. His lungs failed, despite being put on a ventilator, according to report.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms

Coronavirus Treatment

Those who are admitted to the hospital are treated for their Coronavirus symptoms, as their immune systems are trying to fight off the infection. Since hospitalization can help in stopping spreading of the Coronavirus by keeping patients in isolation.

Prof Jonathan Ball, at the University of Nottingham, a virologist said that the cause is pneumonia in severe cases, inflammation of lungs.

“If a patient has respiratory symptoms, they support breathing. If it is pressure

on organs, they would try to support the body in alleviating that pressure.”

As far as Coronavirus treatment is concerned, patients are given oxygen and maybe put on a ventilator in the worst cases. About one in four cases are considered serious. For milder cases, an intravenous drip may be given to patients struggling to maintain blood pressure. During cases of diarrhea, fluids may also be given and ibuprofen is also available for pain relief.

As per International news report, Zhang Dingyu, head of the Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, told China’s state broadcaster CCTV that Coronavirus patients who’d recovered there were “in good condition.”

Some Coronavirus patients have lingering lung issues, “but I’m optimistic that they will recover well,” he added.

However, the Coronavirus virus vaccine has not been invented, and researchers are still working on it.

Coronavirus Caution/ Prevention

A big question raised after the spread of deadly virus “how can a person prevent from Coronavirus”? Even though it has been told to use a mask but it is not the proper prevention. As, the Coronavirus can also affect you through airborne.

However, a mask might help reduce the risk of catching a Coronavirus from a sneeze or a cough through the “splash,” and provide some protection against hand-to-mouth transmission.

You can implement some regular hygiene measures including

  • Wash your hands with soap or hand-wash
  • Maintain a healthy diet and fitness
  • Avoid from pollution and do not touch your body with dirty hands
  • Avoid contact with those who are infected

Although it is a fact that wearing a mask can be beneficial for prevention, but it should be changed if used for a long time. It can help you to protect from flu and dust. And should be worn properly, but you may also have a good diet and proper hygiene tools. You should not travel as it is dangerous

Coronavirus Treatment

Coronavirus Treatment

Coronavirus In China

The crowded city Wuhan is the first and most affected area in China. The deadly Coronavirus has resulted in the deaths of so many people. Till today’s date around 14,000 cases have been confirmed in China. The first death was confirmed on 9th January and right after that around 307 deaths are on record.

This news has badly impacted the economic condition of China because of the Coronavirus outbreak. In response, cities with a combined population of over 57 million people, including Wuhan and 15 other cities in the vicinity of Hubei, were put under full or partial lockdown, with the termination of all public urban transport and transportation by rail, air and long-distance buses.

They declared an emergency in all of the cities of China due to Coronavirus as it is the high alerting position over there; meanwhile, the disease is spreading fast and transmitting from human to human. Numerous countries have announced warning against traveling to China.

Thereby, anyone who thinks they are carrying the Coronavirus should wear a protective mask and seek medical advice by calling a doctor instead of going to a clinic in person directly. Travelers who have arrived in China are suggested to visit doctors and get know-how concerned with their health and virus.

Furthermore, students in China are turning back to their home countries as this virus has created hype all over the world and China itself is the most infected country since now.

How Coronavirus Affecting China Economy?

As mentioned above, the deadly virus has spread faster than anyone could think. It isn’t only making people sick and threatening the lives of many but it has put China under the difficult time too. From economy to other government-level activities, the country has been facing challenges since the outbreak of Coronavirus.

– Chinese Stock Market

The stock market in China collapsed by almost 9%. The details revealed that Shanghai Composite Index reached 8.73% whereas the stock tracker on country’s second exchange, Shenzhen Composite Index sank 8.99%.

– Russia Postponed Annual Investment Forum

The annual investment forum which was scheduled to take place in the Black Sea city of Sochi has been postponed by Russia. High-ranking officials and foreign investors attend the investment forum which awaits new dates by the officials. Earlier, Russia sent military planes to rescue its citizens stuck in the Chinese province. Later, the Russian officials said that the country could deport the foreign travelers if they tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

How China Is Fighting The Deadly Outbreak Of Coronavirus?

Considering the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the number of fatalities, the Chinese government approved the construction of super-fast 1,000 bed hospital to deal with the virus. As per the sources, the hospital has been built in just 10 days and have begun receiving patients suffering from Coronavirus. Huoshenshan Hospital, spread on 25,000 square meters will provide prompt treatment to patients.

Coronavirus Cases In Other Countries

From some well-known sources and news reports the Coronavirus cases found in other countries are as follows


Japan 20
Thailand 19
Singapore 18
South Korea 15
Australia 12
Taiwan 11
Malaysia 8
US 8
Germany 8
Vietnam 7
France  6
Canada 4
Italy 2
UK 2
India 2
Philippines 2
Russia 2
Cambodia 1
Finland 1
Nepal 1
Sri Lanka 1
Spain 1
Sweden 1

Coronavirus In Pakistan

There is no Coronavirus case of illness caused so far in Pakistan by the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), but it is also a serious threat to Pakistan. Since China air travel remains the main risk factor in its transmission to all parts of the world, including Pakistan, which borders China and also has a great deal of transportation by road.

The danger is more significant because of working on CPEC, and thousands of Pakistani students studying in China could carry the infection here, and their travel from China to Pakistan. In that case the government of Pakistan is taking security measures and finding ways for its protection. Flights from China to Pakistan are also stopped.

Consequently, special training programs are required in schools, offices, hostel, while hospitals must develop separate OPDs and points of entry and exit for suspected patients with coronavirus-related diseases.

Apart from this, public awareness campaigns should be run and all necessary SOPs / basic safety and patient handling principles should be displayed at public points, especially at bus and railway stations and airports. Children must be trained on what to do when the disease appears and media should play a vital role in creating panic-free awareness in case of the appearance of a deadly Coronavirus virus.

– Pakistani Students in China

Many Pakistani students are stuck in Wuhan and seeking aid from their home country. A group of students released a video message and enabled the world about their suffering. Also, they appealed to incumbent premier Imran Khan and Federal Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi for immediate help.

The students also revealed that more than two thousand Pakistani students are currently enrolled in 12 different universities of Wuhan. These students belong to Punjab, Sindh and KPK.

Special Assistant to the PM on health, Dr. Zafar Mirza said that four Pakistani students have been diagnosed with Coronavirus in Wuhan. Although there no case of the virus has been reported in the country yet, the thermo guns and thermos scanners have been given to certified health practitioners at the airports of Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

They are instructed to screen passengers coming to the country.

Coronavirus In World Islam

Health professionals around the globe have become increasingly preoccupied with the spread of infectious diseases in recent years. As the world is facing various types of viruses including bird flu, swine flu and the deadly Coronavirus which has become a significant concern for all the health policymakers. Islam is a holistic system of beliefs and takes into consideration the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of individuals and societies.

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has thought his fellowmen about the hygienic practices, about 1400 years ago, which are beneficial for humans and are still applicable nowadays in this modern world. Prophet (PBUH) instructed his followers about the implementation of public health authorities and institution strategies. He ordered his followers not to travel to places known to be afflicted with the disease, and advised those in contaminated areas or communities not to leave and spread the disease further.


 Coronavirus Dua

Coronavirus Dua

Prophet (PBUH) said,

If you hear that there is plague in a land, do not enter it; and if it (plague) visits a land

while you are therein, do not go out of it.”

Coronavirus is spreading all the way fastly and its protection is tough but important. According to some scholars, you can recite this Dua for Coronavirus protection:

“Oh Allah I seek your refugee from Leprosy, Insanity, Mutilation and from all serious illness”.   

How Coronavirus Transfer From Person To Person?

Nobody can tell that how Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) spreads yet. Have a lot of information on how MERS, SARS, and other respiratory viruses travel from one person to another. And that is primarily due to exposure to droplets caused by coughing or sneezing.

Therefore, when an infected person coughs or sneezes, releasing a spray and if these droplets touch another person’s nose, eyes, or mouth, they will pass on the virus. In more rare cases, a person could indirectly catch a respiratory disease through touching droplets on surfaces and then touching mucosal membranes, in the mouth, eyes and nose. Thereby you have to be very protective for Coronavirus related about your hygiene and should wash hands all the time.

Misconceptions About Coronavirus

World Health Organization (WHO) has regarded Coroviruses as zoonotic. This means these viruses can transfer from animals to human beings.

A research on the virus also revealed that coronavirus originated from the snakes. While this revelation may be disturbing but it will help researches to find the cure for this fatal virus.

However, there have been plenty of rumors circling on the social media that may create panic among the users. So, before believing on the reports, make sure they are coming from credible sources.

Awareness Activity

Staying aware of the factors that contribute to the virus and practice safety precautiosn can be helpful. Concerning this, Indian actress and model, Sunny Leone came forward and aware people to stay protected against the deadly virus.

She posted a photo where she can be seen wearing mask along with her husband. If other celebraties also consider this practice specially while traveling, their fans might start following their footsteps too.


Coronavirus has proven to be a natural calamity for the world, which is a great threat to the idea of global village. Because China (one of the greatest victims of coronavirus) has been isolated from the entire world due to this lethal Coronavirus virus. It has dented the economy of China on a large scale, also troubled the economy of the world. The top brass of the world should take measures to cope up with this nightmare, to save this world from further devastation.

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