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Kashana scandal: Postmortem report reveals Iqra died of hunger

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

25th Feb, 2020. 07:50 pm
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Iqra Kainat Scandal

LAHORE: The postmortem report of deceased orphan of the Daar ul Amaan (Kashana) shelter home Iqra Kainat has revealed that she died due to hunger and thirst, BOL reported today.

According to the details, the postmortem report of Iqra Kainat, the main witness of the Kashahna scandal, appeared in the report that Iqra died due to hunger and thirst.

According to the postmortem report available with BOL News, Iqra died at the hospital due to hunger and thirst and samples acquired from her stomach have been sent for forensic examination to find out whether she was poisoned.

Former superintendent of Kashana, Afshan latif had claimed that the Iqra was killed with the intention of removing evidence.

Be clear that in the end of the last year, Dar-ul-Aman’s Lahore superintendent had alleged that orphan girls living in the shelter homes were being ‘misused’ to fulfill demands of ministers and government high-ups.

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