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Pakistan’s star mathematician leaves the country after allegations

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

06th Feb, 2020. 09:59 pm
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Amer Iqbal

Karachi: Pakistan’s star mathematician, Amer Iqbal leaves the country after the allegations.

Sources said that Pakistani-American theoretical physicist and mathematician, unearthed a big scam at a government college and forwarded the case to NAB.

According to the details nuclear physicist, Pervez Hoodbhoy said, Amer Iqbal found that funds worth Rs 750 million were embezzled at a college. “For a decade, a college was paying salaries to ghost teachers in Europe.”

Some teachers came from Europe for 15 days and then left, while many didn’t come to Pakistan in the first place, Hoodbhoy added. Iqbal was asked to investigate the matter and he prepared a 450-page report on it too.

Sources said that Iqbal left Pakistan on January 17 and he was offered a job by the Harvard University within 15 days.

Pervez Hoodbhoy said in his article,  “The rest is history. His (Amer Iqbal) PhD research and a series of brilliant papers soon established Amer in high academia. MIT’s Professor Jeffrey Goldstone — of Goldstone Boson fame (the Higgs Boson or so-called God Particle derives from the Goldstone Boson) — is also famously frugal for words. But in a corridor encounter about 20 years ago, he somehow strung together enough of them to gruffly bark a “thank you” at me for sending Amer to MIT. At the next stage, Steven Weinberg — who co-shared the 1979 Nobel Prize with Abdus Salam and Sheldon Glashow — invited him for post-doctoral research at the University of Texas (Austin).”

On the other hand, It is quite worrisome that brilliant minds are being forced to leave the country and go settle abroad.

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