#COVID19: Azaan echoes in karachi on Ulema’s request

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

24th Mar, 2020. 11:40 pm
#COVID19: Azaan echoes in karachi on Ulema's request

The Coronavirus pandemic, which is causing widespread destruction across the world but there are still no drugs or vaccine that can kill or protect against the virus.

We as a Muslim has a firm believe that it is essential to pray along with medicines to contain this deadly disease.

Heart whelming moments have seen in Karachi where on the request of Maulana Bashir Farooqi collective Azaan have recited by masses.

Maulana urged Muslims from all over the country to give Azaan from their roofs at 10 pm tonight.

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Maulana states that the advent of the Azaan in difficult times is the way of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet.

He said that in times of trouble, the righteous people of Allah used to call for peace through Allah following this, the whole nation will take part in the collective prayer for tonight at 10 o’clock.

People around Pakistan are also reciting Azaan and asking refuge in Allah from this pandemic,

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