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Dua Mangi kidnapping case: Police arrest 2 accused

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th Mar, 2020. 09:04 pm
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Dua Mangi kidnapping case: Police arrest 2 accused

Karachi police have arrested the accused involved in the kidnapping of Dua Mangi and Bisma.

Karachi Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon said during the press conference that progress had been made in connection with the Bisma and Dua Mangi  abduction case, the house where the girls were kept has been detected.

He said that the suspects had rented a flat in Clifton a year ago, both Bisma and Dua were kept in a flat at Clifton Block 2.

Ghulam Nabi Memon said that the five people were involved in the case, two were arrested and arms were recovered from their possession.The arrested accused include Muzaffar and Zaheb.

Karachi police chief further said that the we put the bounty of 5 million rupees on the fugitive suspect.

Ghulam Nabi Memon said both the accused have been involved in the criminal activities before too.

Dua Mangi father demands money from Sindh government which he paid as ransom

The Karachi Police Chief said that the accused used to snatch vehicles, a police officer was also involved in the crime who was already being dismissed.

The accused got the idea of commiting a crime after watching the movie.

Ghulam Nabi Memon said that POlice will give the fill prrof protection to the girls.

On November 30, Dua Mangi was taking a walk with her friend, Haris when 4 to 5 armed men forced the girl get in their vehicle. When her friend Haris showed resistance, they shot him and sped off with Dua.

Haris Fateh Soomro, who was shot in the neck and sustained wounds in chest, is still in critical condition in a local hospital.

Dua’s worried family and friends accompanied enraged protesters and activists to stage a sit-in at the busy Clifton junction.

According to the sources,  Dua Mangi’s family had paid Rs1.5 million to Rs2 million ransom amount for her release.

The Police claimed that during the investigations the family did not cooperate with us and directly negotiated with the criminals on their own without involving the law enforcement agencies.

Dua said in her statement given to the police that she was walking with her friend Haris outside a tea hotel when two people grabbed her and put her in car.

Dua Mangi said that she heard loud noises and then heard shots getting fires.

Dua said that the kidnappers blindfolded her due to which she was unable to see them the entire time that she was held captive.

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