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Federal Cabinet meeting today in Islamabad with PM in chair

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

31st Mar, 2020. 11:02 am
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PM Imran condemns India's attempt to redefine Jammu and Kashmir domicile rules

Federal Cabinet meeting to be held in Islamabad on Tuesday with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair.

The meeting will discuss the situation arising out of the coronavirus including its impact on the country’s economy and the poor people.

It will also dilate upon the steps taken by the government to check the coronavirus in the country.

Earlier Prime Minister Imran Khan said the volunteers of Tiger Force will help deliver food to areas under lock down, besides disseminating awareness to the public.

While addressing the nation Prime Minister has urged to get united to make the fight against coronavirus successful.

Imran Khan has announced the establishment of Corona Relief Tiger Force in collaboration with civil administration and army to contain the spread of COVId-19 adding that the cell is working in the Prime Minister Office round the clock to monitor the situation closely.

Imran Khan said that government has announced Pakistan’s relief package of around 8 billion dollars which can be further enhanced depending on needs.

PM Imran vows to provide relief to poor segments of society amid coronavirus crisis

The Premier said the government decided that State Bank of Pakistan will give loans to such industries on low marrkup that do not lay off their employees.

Facebook page of Ehsaas program will give details about the areas where people are in most need, so that people can make decisions to give charity based on transparent information, the Premier added.

The Prime Minister has also warned the hoarders and profiteers, and said that the we will take strict action against them and they will be given an exemplary punishment, besides holding them responsible for the misery of people.

Prime Minister said said that China is the only country that has remained successful so far in this struggle by putting 20 million people under lockdown to overcome the deadly virus.

He said the countries around the world is fighting against the coronavirus according to their capacity and if Pakistan had similar situation like China, he could have shut down the whole cities adding that twenty five percent of our population lives under the poverty line and additional twenty percent is on the borderline.

PM Imran Khan Full Speech

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