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No Friday Prayers today amid coronavirus outbreak

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

27th Mar, 2020. 12:13 pm
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Friday and Congregational prayers all across the province has been suspended in order to curb the spread of deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Sindh being worst affected by the dread virus, the government on Thursday banned Friday and Congregational prayers to stop the spread virus.

The decision was announced by the provincial spokesman Murtaza Wahab on his Twitter account.

He said that the provincial government has taken a big decision placing a ban on congregational prayers at the mosques from masses.

“The decision is taken after consulting all religious leaders hailing from different school of thoughts and medical experts,” he said.

“Only five people would be allowed to offer prayers inside the mosques including the permanent staff of the mosque,” he said asking the citizens to obey the decision.

The Ulema said that saving one life is equal to saving entire humanity therefore ensuring the safety of one’s life by staying at home should be the top priority. They advised people to pray at their homes and stay safe from the virus.

On this occasion, the Governor lauded the role of Ulema in educating the masses and helping protect them from the deadly pandemic.

Earlier, Ulema of Al Azhar University responded to President of Pakistan Arif Alvi’s personal request and stopped mandatory congregational prayers and Friday prayer in mosques to protect human lives.

According to details, President Arif Alvi requested Grand Imam Shaikh of Al Azhar via Egyptian ambassador in Islamabad to provide guidance to people of Pakistan with regard to mandatory congregational prayers and Friday prayer in mosques during coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan.

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