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Stone pelted on Aurat Azadi March in Islamabad

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Mar, 2020. 06:00 pm
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Stone pelted on Aurat Azadi March in Islamabad

Unidentified persons have pelted  stones on Aurat Azadi March held in Islamabad.

According to the details, two different rallies were held in a wake of women’s day in Islamabad one of the rally participant tried to enter in Aurat Azadi March, but the police failed the attempt.

Police used tent to separate both the rallies but few people have managed to enter in Aurat march and pelted stoned on it.

The participants of both the rallies raised slogans against each other, while some people were pelted stoned to the march.

Several participants were injured due to the stone pelting. Police personnel have been summoned to control the situation.

Earlier, Punjab’s Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan had said that women March should be held within the purview of the constitution and the law.

What is Aurat Azadi March 2020?

On 8th March 2018, Pakistan witnessed a protest in the different cities. Women in groups came out in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Hyderabad. The protest has been termed as ‘Aurat March”. Women’s day hasn’t been the same since that day in the country. The protest was organized by various organizations in different cities. However, the sole purpose of the march is accountability for a violent incident against women. It includes everything from harassment to domestic abuse.

The participants are mainly women but men have been seen joining the March as well. The attendees bring posters and chant slogans. On the other hand, the response from the general public regarding the activity is mixed. There are people who oppose it whereas there are celebrities and other well-known persons that support it and make a statement in its favor.

Why Pakistani Women Organize Aurat Azadi March 2020?

It’s true that Women’s day across the world is dedicated to freedom, womanhood and independence. The scenario is quite unusual in Pakistan because women here are still fighting patriarchal structures, socio-political state and whatnot.

According to the marchers, Pakistani women face various social ills on a day-to-day basis. There’s systematic discrimination too. Women are struggling to get the most basic rights such as education, safety and freedom. The situation is problematic in many areas where childhood marriages are still common and widely followed.

When it comes to abuse, we have lost countless precious lives to honor killings. Many women are a victim of acid attacks and still waiting for justice. The safety and security measures for women are questionable as the number of sexual harassment has been increased drastically.

The organizers of the Aurat Azadi March 2020 say the reason for gathering and marching is to bring the attention of masses to these issues and make this society a safe home for women from all backgrounds.

Moreover, patriarchal and outdated codes of honor are still being practiced in much of our society.

The women have been deprived of basic rights for a long time like working outside the house or choosing her husband. When other women march for the rights of women who have been suffering in silence, they are tagged as feminists, which refer to hatred for men which is a mere misconception.

The organizers of the Aurat Azadi March 2020 revealed that they March to get equal rights for everyone as we seem to be influenced by patriarchy.

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